Friday, April 18, 2008

Discriminate? Who, me? Never!

Most adults in North Carolina care more about personality, religion and sexual orientation when choosing a candidate for public office than they do about race, gender and age. So found the latest Elon University poll.
Yet when respondents were asked if they knew someone who would not vote for a candidate based on race, gender and age, most said they did. Here's how the numbers broke down:

  • A presidential candidate who is a woman: 63 percent
  • A presidential candidate who is black: 54 percent
  • A presidential candidate who is “too old”: 44 percent.
Those obviously conflicting results raise an equally obvious question: Are people telling the truth about their own attitudes? Are they more apt to admit to others’ prejudices than their own?What do you think?


Anonymous said...

It basically shows how intolerant people in NC are, but we all knew that anyways.

mister.thorne said...


My wife and I are thinking about moving to Charlotte at the end of the year, and one of the things we're curious about is how we'll be received/treated.

My wife's Afro, and I'm Anglo. We do OK in most big cities, but smaller cities can be a bit more exciting than we'd like.

I'd be interested in hearing what people think about what we might expect.

LNBruno said...

The thing I find most interesting about polls is that, for the most part, they are inevitably wrong in the end.

And mister.thorne -

From my experience, you can expect to find in Charlotte...whatever you bring with you.

Anonymous said...

The poll was about what people thought about their 'friends'. More than likely people think they know things they don't do the poll reflects nothing and was a waste of time.

Mr. Thorne: If you and your wife act responsible, and pay your taxes without stint or complaint, then we'll be more than happy to overtax you and take your entertainment dollars, just like any other high tax, high priced big city. And we'll smile at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the numbers weren't higher! In fact, it should be 100% no matter where you live in the country. It was a poorly worded question. We all know of someone who would not vote for a candidate based on race, gender, or age. Ever heard of David Duke of the KKK, or famous male chauvinist Sean Connery. The article doesn't say anything about limiting the "someone" to your friends. But even if the poll did limit to friends, this one of your friends could be known by many people. I don't think the poll tells us anything

Anonymous said...

Mister thorne North Carolina doesnt like anyone coming here from anywhere; Please rent first before you buy a house because you may not like be treated like dog crap. Even other Southerners from other States have told me the place is stand offishIts hard to crack the ice here so look for your own kind here like New Yorkers , Ohioians or Floridians; People are digruntled here ; I think its the first person who started a frowns fault.

Anonymous said...

Mister.thorne Im from the midwest and wish I never stepped foot in the place but Im here now. Every third person is a MASON , Eastern Star or Columbus Knights and many other secret groups here we dont know about; And if you say something they dont like here they follow you around and watch you from a distance and sometimes they listen to what you say to other People and act like they are shopping or eavsdropping on your conversations.

Anonymous said...

Mister .thorne one night I saw a man dressed in black walking aoround my apartment and he walked out of the woods; The man said "he was a minister" and I was okay with that but he said " Im watching one of my flock". I ask him "what did they do" He said " they have been coming up to the alter promising not to commit adultery and the man was doing this girl again. The man was married and his wife went to the same church his girlfreind did. I knew the girl and she had a figure and great looks and missles that pointed to the stars like bananas looking for the sun. I think she was Russian and not from here. Anyway I asked the minister what he was doing and he said" indulging in the forbidden fruit" Oh god I wee'd my pants laughing even he cracked a smile.

mister.thorne said...

Sounds like Charlotte is somewhere between here and the twilight zone!

Anonymous said...

mister.thorne My boss lived down here all of his life and warned me of some of the games People play here; He said " People will follow you around to see what your really in to" and its only a part time Government here and they close the shut the lights out when they leave city hall . The Outerbelt didnt get finished for twenty five years and is still not finished; Lots of ultra rich with to much money and time on their hands for such a map dot. More millionaires and Billionaires in and around Charlotte and they have People who work for them. They dont like what you do they have your car stolen, Maybe brakes your brakes leaked out or transmission pan loosend.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte needs to keep an open mind or get off the pot and stop talking about a World class city; Light rail is good but only one leg and for five miles! We need four legs of it to realy make it a go.

mister.thorne said...

Wow! Based on these comments, it sounds like Charlotte is not a good place to live (unless it's your home town).

Doesn't anyone have an encouraging word to say to someone thinking of moving to Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

I really like Charlotte. The people are at least as friendly as you are. Our new neighbors all dropped by to meet us, and are quite friendly. There is a real sense of community.
You are half way between the mountains and the coast.
I have lived a lot of places, Cincinnatti OH, Albany NY, Tulsa OK. Atlanta GA, West Palm Beach Fl.
I would definately recommend Charlotte (or at least the surrounding suburbs).

amberbartlett said...

mister.thorne Charlotte North Carolina is the worst city I have ever lived in my entire life. There is constant tension and feeling unworthy if you don't live in a $400,000+ home. I have lived here for 10 years and have hated every minute of it. The crime is off the charts, ever morning I hear about at least 5 over night car jackings, robberies, and shootings...The police patrol up and down the streets at night ignoring the obvious drug deals going down in every parking lot the city has...personally I feel like the police have been paid of by gang members to allow the drugs to flow so freely in Charlotte. The black people here think that the whole freaking city, state, country owe them some kind of recognition still for the slave days...please!! Everywhere I go in Charlotte city limits I carry a gun and am still scarred of being robbed or car jacked with or without my kids. More people move here every year and make the city even worse with thier oh I am black I deserve special treatment. I HATE CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA, and you will too unless you are black and or rich.