Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's on the Internet, so it must be true?

We've seen a lot of bogus things flying around the Internet about both presidential candidates. But there's one floating about now that is so far-fetched, no one could believe it's real. And yet gullible readers are lapping it up.
An e-mail making the rounds purports to quote Democrat Barack Obama on the Sept. 7 "Meet the Press" television show.
Supposedly, Obama said on the show that he wants to:
-- Change the national anthem to "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" to placate our enemies;
-- Redesign the American flag to placate our enemies;
-- Disarm America to a level that makes "our Middle East Brethren" happy;
It also quotes Obama as talking about "hatred" for America, his wife's disrespect for the flag and how they have both attended several flag burning ceremonies. This is all reported, in the e-mail, by one Dale Lindsborg of the Washington Post.
Come on, people. You're e-mailing this to all your friends, in a panic, in disbelief that this man is leading in the polls.
Here's an idea: think for yourself! Spend, oh, 10 seconds on Google and see if there really is a "Dale Lindsborg" at the Washington Post. Spend 30 seconds seeing if Obama was even ON the Sept. 7 "Meet the Press."
Are you so predisposed to one candidate or the other that you can't think critically?
- Taylor Batten


Anonymous said...

The man is a socialist and a Marxist. He's the most liberal senator in congress. No need to make up stuff about him. He's scary in his own right.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen, politicians depend on a lack of critical thinking.

Most people really can't think for themselves any longer.

They are lucky to be able to read a newspaper and perform basic arithmetic.

We have become a democracy of dunces where a "Joe Plumber" character can be seen as a game changer in a presidential election.

books said...

Joe the Plumber IS a game changer...made Obama say what he REALLY plans to do....which those of us with any sense...saw through all of his crap and his unanswered questions a long long time ago.