Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So, the governor goes into a bar …

"Those of us who choose to use those two products can afford to suck it up."

That was Gov. Bev Perdue, explaining that smoking and drinking alcohol are voluntary, and that's why she decided to propose increasing the cigarette and beer taxes rather than personal income or corporate taxes.
Bet the guv wouldn’t say it quite that way in a smoky bar, with grog in hand. But it's a great line, and hard to argue with.

Incremental alcohol tax: 5 percent (or thereabouts)
Incremental cigarette tax: 285 percent
Bev's comment: Priceless

(With apologies to that famous credit card commercial)
- posted by Mary Schulken


Anonymous said...

I'm betting she doesn't go into smoky bars, or drink a lot of beer.
That's why it's so easy for her to tax those that do.

It's for much the same reason legislators have so much trouble seeing the common sense of non-smoking bars and restaurants. They don't go out to places where the smoke is heavy. They go to work Mon - Fri, they drive their sedan home to their house on a cul-de-sac, they eat Friday night dinner in the non-smoking section of the Red Lobster, and go to church on Sunday. For those of us whose lifestyles happen to differ - - who like listening to a good band, who like to socialize in a lounge or pub, who like to watch the game in a sports bar - - too bad. If we don't want to inhale a chest-full of smoke, we should just stay at home alone and live the same, boring life that they do.

tax_all_drugs_anyone said...

Well, that settles it then. Back to cocaine.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tie-in to another CO editorial...

"a new Nielsen tracking survey hones in on the best-selling products during this recession. And what do you know, condoms are at the top of the list. Not just condoms, but over-the-counter female contraceptives too.

Wine and liquor sales are also up; bottled water sales are down."

Hmmm--I can see it now: the office staff brainstorming on what's selling enough to tax, and the first response is "we could get a raise in condoms." She says, "well then, what's second on the list?"

Anonymous said...

Leave us alone. Impeach Bev Perdue. NO MORE TAXES!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:15 AMEN. Bev please get a life and leave people alone.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to pass taxes on one small group at a time. That's why it's easy to attack those with this income or that, the guy that got the bonus, those that rent cars or hotel rooms, those that drive a class of vehicle, live in certain neighborhoods, have a certain kind of job, etc.

Any given one of these taxes only hit a small percent of the population and everyone is glad it is the other guy. But next time pal... it's you... and everyone will be glad it's you and not them.

Your turn is coming.

Anonymous said...

What is there to say? The government is out to get everything your work for in some way or another. We now currently pay over 52% of our income in one tax or another. Those is government believe that if something is needed, wanted, or used, put a tax on it regardless of whom it hurts. Look at your home Gas or Electric Bills that are taxed and those two items are something you need. Taxes on Cable, Internet and Cell Phones are items one does not need but uses. Not only are they taxed the have many fees with assorted names and fees and just taxes. If the government, state and federal would use the money wisely it would not be nearly as bad, however, most government bodies believe everything belongs to them to do what they want to. We currently have Taxation without representation, double taxation and extreme wastefulness. What else will happen before individual states go under? How long will it be before the US goes belly-up?

JED said...

Here you go you middle class folks.

You voted these people in because they said they were going to take from the rich and give to the poor and middle class. Now that they have found thier way into your pockets, you don't like it.

What a bunch of suckers you are!!!!