Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Foxx-Lassiter race is close, two new polls show

A week before Election Day, the race for Charlotte mayor is all tied, according to two new polls.
Republican John Lassiter and Democrat Anthony Foxx are tied at 45-45, according to a poll from Public Policy Polling in Raleigh. A poll from Cornerstone Solutions shows Lassiter with a 42-37 lead, but that is within the margin of error, meaning the poll shows "essentially a dead heat," said Chris Sinclair, a partner with Cornerstone.
The PPP poll broke down largely along racial lines. White voters back Lassiter 63-29 while Foxx leads among black voters 80-9. That suggests that the outcome could hinge on turnout, particularly the racial breakdown of people who go to the polls.
"If excitement about the possibility of the city having its first black Mayor since the 80s results in African Americans turning out at a higher rate than whites Foxx will win. But black turnout has tended to lag in local elections and if that turns out to be the case Lassiter is the likely winner," PPP's Tom Jensen says on his organization's blog.
PPP has done work for Democratic candidates, but was not hired by the Foxx campaign and has had one of the better track records among polling organizations over at least the past year.
A lot more information and analysis is available at PPP's blog.
Cornerstone, a GOP-leaning firm in Raleigh, has not been hired by either campaign either. Its poll showed Lassiter winning about 25 percent of likely black voters. More on that poll is available here.
Posted by Taylor Batten


Clay said...

because elections should be based on race... Congratulations America!

Fulfillment said...

63/29 whites for lassiter
80/9 blacks for foxx

Wow. It really is sad how this nation, especially the black race appears to be segregating their votes to only specific individuals of a particular skin color. Shameful really.

If the majority of voters can look at a picture and decide who the better candidate is, that's plain messed up, and you're vote shouldn't count - better yet, you should be banned from all future elections.

Favor said...

My vote my choice. Like it or not I vote how I want and for whom I want. Fulfillment you need to mind your business and stop worrying about others.

Justin said...

^Foxx voter.

fly_swatter said...

Fulfillment gave a great example of people who don't have a clue. You can't generalize a race of people, particularly based on bad journalsim and skewed opinions (Fox, Rush, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, Williams etc., etc.). Did you know Juan Williams is black?

This type of pedestrian thinking is keeping our society behind on many levels.

Carp said...

How in the world does the fact that Juan Williams, Michael Steele, or any other number of Republicans affect the polling data Fulfillment referred to?

Kelly said...

That's really very funny...the "especially the black race" part. When the country stops seeing bigoted and ignorant remarks like yours, they'll be little compunction to vote along racial lines.
Just curious...to what do you attribute the fact that almost 2/3 of the white vote is for Lassiter? LOL
BTW - for your continued enlightenment - almost 85% of Black voters in Mecklenburg County vote DEMOCRAT (whether they're registered Democrats or not)! So why would you jump to the conclusion that Blacks are voting for Fox because he's Black?
I'm LMBO because you KNOW that 63% of whites do not vote Republican! What does THAT tell you?
Think before you post and spew more of that Rush Limbaugh rhetoric!

Karl said...

Keith Larson had a great guest on today. He was a black man who wrote a book called 'What White People Want to Know About Black People'.

In essence his position was that no matter what your race is, if you make a judgement/decision based solely on a person's skin color, you are a racist - plain and simple.

Kelly said...

Karl - is really NOT that simple. To truly be a racist, there inherently has to be some "power" aspect included. Racism is not merely hating another race...a true racist has to be able to assert some oppressive power over the race BECAUSE of that hate.
And by the way...love for one's own race does NOT inherently mean that person HATES all others. If someone votes for someone because they're black or white...that doesn't mean they hate the other race.
One more thing Mr. Plain & Simple, why would you not consider the fact that Blacks are disproportionately DEMOCRATS as to the reason for the 80/9% figures?
You and the remainder of the Republicans need to get over the fact that OBAMA WON!

What's more laughable is the fact that Whites oppressed Blacks for 300 years or so and suddenly, there's this outcry of (reverse) racism from Whites. It's laughable. What's truly eating up the White males is that they really have NO excuse for failing in this country...White males have a STACKED deck. Yet, whenever White males fail, they look to blame the people in the less fortunate races/classes.

gajones said...

It always amazes me when a White person says something "blacks are voiting for him because he's black".

What a short memory you all have. Black America has been voting for liberal candidates since the conception of their voting rights.

Race is an absolute non-factor in this election. If Foxx were a White democrat, Blacks would vote for him.

Blacks side with the Democratic party. Deal with it, or complain to Republican party leadership that has a history of enforcing the exclusion of Blacks and other minorities.

I find it equally interesting on how one hand a White person could say "blacks segregate their votes". But refuse to take ownership of the fact that the history of this country's leadership is dominated by white men who were voted into power primarily by White people.

If Whites never use race as a catalyst for their votes, then wouldn't our nation's race leadership look something closer to 50/50?

Helen said...

Frankly, I vote for experience. I voted for experience in the presidential race and I vote for experience in the mayor. I don't vote for race. Foxx has little experience and is very young and the frankly, I don't think he is totally aware of the negative financial impacts of things like rail to Eastland mall.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I have been gone from Charlotte for three years and I see nothing has changed.Here we have a town of 750 houses of worship and claim to be christian and love god,but man we can't seem to break this yoke of race.Here in Pittsburgh I have to scream to keep from hollering because of racism.

Sam said...

Expect an Observer hatchet job on the Republican (even though this so called Republican is nearly a Lib as well). Hatchet job should hit the papers any day now.

Charlotte Observer "We Luv Libs"

Never Fair ! Never Fair ! NEVER FAIR!!

Bob said...
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Bob said...

For those of you that think people do not vote based on race or the color of one's skin, I have to ask, can anyone tell me how Nick Mackey was voted into the state legislators office? What merits did he possess to be elected? Crook? Check, Liar? Check, Con man? Check. Great job folks on electing someone that is about to be disbarred. You need examples of people that dont vote for skin color? Who are the true racist in America?

Go to YouTube and search Obama voters and come back and report what you find.

Unlike most of the sheep and cattle here, I vote for an individual who best represents my beliefs and ideals, regardless of party affiliation or skin color. How many of you can say that?

arleanpratt said...

First, both candidates are excellent leaders! I have had the great pleasure to watch the debate on WTVI sponsored by the Council on Aging. Lassiter was good and came across very intelligent in his responses to the questions. But, Foxx was outstanding in his overall delivery!! He seemed more persuasive, more thoughtful, and more devoted to making a major difference for all citizens in Charlotte. Honestly, I was undecided a few weeks ago, because Lassiter is qualified to lead the Queen City; he left an impressive footprint at CMSC. Still, Foxx won me over big time. Major KUDOS to Anthony Foxx. He's the right MAN for Charlotte.