Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mr. Fetzer, meet Mr. Lassiter

Tom Fetzer (right), the chairman of the state Republican Party, today touted Tuesday's election results as a rejection of Democrats and President Barack Obama. There was an odd omission, though: Fetzer didn't mention the mayoral race in Charlotte, where Democrat Anthony Foxx beat Republican John Lassiter and Democrats took three of four at-large seats on the City Council.

In a meeting with The Observer editorial board in September, Fetzer talked about how closely the state GOP was watching the Foxx-Lassiter race. He said a Lassiter loss would be a real blow to the Republican Party. He said then that a Lassiter loss, following Pat McCrory's loss in Mecklenburg County in the 2008 governor's race, would be an indication that Charlotte had become solidly Democratic and would be hard for Republicans to crack in future elections.

Today, though, Fetzer mentioned nothing about Lassiter or Charlotte.

“Yesterday, Americans rejected the President’s and the Democrats’ policies of higher taxes and bigger government and elected conservative leaders who will put the nation back on the road to prosperity,” Fetzer said. “The conservative comeback has commenced.”

He cited the success of conservative candidates for the Wake County school board, and the Republican mayoral victories in Greensboro and Kinston.
“Their elections are unmistakable signs that most North Carolinians are turning to Republicans to get their localities back on the right track.”

Not in Charlotte.

-- Posted by Taylor Batten


Rev. Mike said...

Tara Servatius had an interesting observation about this outcome this afternoon on her show to the effect that with there being more registered African American Democratic voters in Mecklenburg County than there are Republicans, period, African American political power has eclipsed all other centers of power in CharMeck. In fact, she took it to the next step, to wit, white Democrats, you're next. Interesting times.

EuroCat said...

Look, Fetzer's idiocy needs to be measured in astronomical units. A month or two ago, he stated that "the president shouldn't tell children to work hard and stay in school, because lots of other people already tell them that".

I heard that gem of idiocy straight out of his mouth, through my radio speakers.

Under the brilliant leadership of an empty suit (empty head) like Fetzer, the Republican party in the state can look forward to an even faster marginalization.