Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gov. Perdue to deliver "State of the State like" speech in Charlotte

Gov. Bev Perdue will deliver a "State of the State like" speech in Charlotte next Wednesday.
Perdue will use the remarks to spell out where she thinks the state is now, where it needs to be and how she intends to get it there. That's basically a State of the State speech. But the governor gives the official SoS speech every two years, including last year.
Perdue will address a crowd at the Charlotte Chamber at 1 p.m., the first of three such speeches at chambers of commerce in the state. Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said Perdue will be "laying out her vision for 2010. We consider it a very significant speech, and it's State of the State like."
Perdue is expected to talk, among other things, about workforce development efforts that have been tested in Charlotte that she wants to expand statewide.

Her appearance here will continue a pattern of keeping Charlotte squarely in her focus. Campaigning against then Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory in 2008, Perdue vowed to be attentive to the Queen City. She has done so, committing to completing I-485 early, opening an office in Charlotte and visiting frequently.

-- Posted by Taylor Batten


Anonymous said...

Taylor, I'd be careful about using the I-485 promise in the list of evidences that Bev really cares about Charlotte. That ain't workin' out for her so well.

As for giving her speech here, it's a nice gesture. Not sure if it really means anything, unless she's going to use it as a platform for pledging for more equal treatment with regard to things like criminal justice funding, and perhaps the decades-long mistreatment of UNCC in state funding (UNCC has been the 5th-biggest state university for the last 20 years but has never been in the top 10 in state funding).

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for her, but have to admit she has at least made an effort to include our part of the world. I think the first time in NC history. Raleigh has always seemed to think Charlotte and our regions was not part of NC.

joe said...

No one more than Bev hopes Charlotte returns to the good times soon, where else in this State can she go get the money she needs to fund the waste our Lawmakers seem to think they have a birth right to. This recession will teach this State nothing but spend it faster when you get it.

Fulfillment said...

60 Mile Road
30 Years To Complete

Hey Bev...wasn't the final leg of I-485 supposed to be started last year.

Bev...Obama...Liberals...all in the same boat of empty promises

moojie said...

The Charlotte O is a cheap date for Gov Perdue.

The CO hits hollow bragging points like her renting an office here and her "commitment" to I485 as it remains unfinished but what stands out to me is

1) Perdues raising taxes on residents as it faced 10+% unemployment instead of reducing the states budget.

2) Accepting NC's and wanting SC's share of Obamas deficit-funded pork-filled $80OB "stimulus" pkg.

John said...

The way she's polling, it's probably just as well that she get used to doing things outside of Raleigh! She probably won't be there past the next election!

Samuel said...

The world according to Bev:

* Road $$millions to New Bern, Fayetteville, etc.; fix a couple of potholes in Charlotte.

* Hire more state govt workers while the private sector contracts.

* Raise taxes in a bad economy; don't cut govt expenses; run huge deficits.

* Don't prosecute corrupt state govt officials.

What's her name, Beverly EASLEY?

Anonymous said...

Dear Gov.

Please visit our school...maybe it will help jog your memory of what it was like to be a teacher...back when you were one of us instead of just screwing us over!

JAT said...

Is Bev coming to apologize for giving a state handout to sad-sack GMAC, spurring the county and the city to do the same?

After all multiple billions from the feds didn't do the trick, so let's just throw more taxpayer cash on the fire...

In fact, Bev should beg forgiveness for the GMAC stunt, right alongside the local pols and Chamber-types who gripped and grinning thru GMAC's "arrival" back in March....

Panix said...

Just an FYI, GMAC is not part of GM.

As for the Gov, She kept her promise to keep Charlotte in mind. Her office, regular visits, and a promise to fund I-485, (Lets not even talk about Independence, the Garden Parkway, Monroe Connector, or the fact that we are still waiting on funding for a Multi-modal transportation facility in Downtown).

The goal of this show is to make people think she is doing something for Charlotte.

As long as she is backed in the O, and on TV, no one will realize nothing has been done until she is in the middle of her second term.

Stephen said...

Bev handled the budget crisis well. A state of 10 million people still must operate in spite of being tied to such volatile funding as sales tax revenue. She's maintaining a presence in Charlotte, but you still complain. I-485 is already as complete and twice as big as Raleigh's beltline. Residents in other parts of the state deserve some highways since they've paid gas taxes their whole lives also. Fayetteville has 2-300k people more or less, and I'm so sick of hearing about the 8 miles built of their tiny loop. NC isn't supposed to alter its course for one "World Class City".

JAT said...

Panix, of course GMAC is not GM.

Are you implying that GMAC has not also been bailed out?

Three federal bailouts worth $16.3 billion, the latest of which converted GMAC to a majority state-owned enterprised, in true fascist fashion.

This is in addition to a $4.4 million gift from the state of North Carolina, $153,000 in cash from Mecklenburg County, and $84,000 in bribes from the city of Charlotte. You'd know all this if you read Meck Deck.

Accordingly, Bev needs to apologize for the horrible choices her administration has made -- or stay the hell out of Charlotte.