Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey, Lindsey Graham, stop thinking!

Well, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has certainly been put in his place.
The Greenville (S.C.) County Republican Executive Committee voted 61-2 on Monday to rebuke South Carolina's senior senator.
His transgression? The unpardonable sin of voting for what he thinks is best for the country.
Consider this sedition:

  • He voted for TARP money for banks, much of which has been paid back, with interest, already.
  • He voted to confirm Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan as Supreme Court justices, despite the fact that the Democratic president's picks hold views that are left of center.
  • He supports fixing America's broken immigration policy.
We certainly hope Sen. Graham has learned his lesson and will no longer fall out of line. Oh, good! We see he is already getting the message: He is calling for a constitutional amendment that would make newborn children illegal if their parents are in the country illegally. Now that's more like it, Graham!

-- Posted by The Observer's editorial board


John said...

Mr. Graham did not take a sworn oath to "what he thinks is best for the country"... he took a sworn oath to THE CONSTITUTION.

And the Constitution does not give the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve the power to give banks $700 billion (the repayments came via fancy accounting tricks which hide other taxpayer-backed funds such as PDCF and TAF - look it up). The Constitution does not give Congress the power to compel people to eat fruits and vegetables, a simple concept that Elena Kagan refuses to grasp. And the Constitution does not give the President the power to ignore our borders or give aid and comfort to those who invade them.

Larry said...

Please God, help us get at least one Conservative Editorial Board Member at the Charlotte Observer and if possible at least one Conservative Writer.

I know that they would have a hard time but after all the decades of having to but up with this bunch we people here in Charlotte deserve at least one!

Please, Please, Please, in fact to show our willingness we will even bear the Democratic Convention.

Larry said...

Oh no I just realized that my previous comment would be wiped off due to poor wording.

Please what ever makes the world go around and brings us the goodness and the like to the face of the Earth and Mother Earth her self, help us get at least one Conservative Editorial Board Member at the Charlotte Observer and if possible at least one Conservative Writer.

I know that they would have a hard time but after all the decades of having to but up with this bunch we people here in Charlotte deserve at least one!

Please, Please, Please, in fact to show our willingness we will even bear the Democratic Convention.

wiley said...

It's interesting how progressives can go after parts of the Constitution that fit their agenda, such as doing away with the Electoral College, yet bristle at the though of doing away with Section I of the 14th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment wasn't passed until 1868 and Section I dealt soley with the issue of freed slaves in order to make them citizens of the United States, and rightly so.

Everyone talks of immigration reform. Why NOT change Section I?

Why not amend it to state all children born in the United States are legal citizens as long as one parent is a legal citizen. If not, then they are legal citizens of the country of their parent(s) origin.

Daniel said...

Yes, the South carolina republican Party is the weuivilent of the Know Nothing Party of the mid 1800's who cast their anti-intellectual everywhere they went. We can only hope this era of stupidity will come and go and those with more intelligence and less reactionary thought will prevail.

Oh and larry, the Observer DOES have a conservative columnist. Do you read mark Washburn and his nonsensical comments when he publishes them?

Larry said...

Be sure to do research on Saul Alinsky and see how you make sure you approach people with the progressive theme or you will be rejected.

Larry said...

Yes Washburn, unhuh, ok.

I am sure he is just as much a Conservative as you are aware of the intelligence of the SC Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

uh huh, 'Observer's editorial board'. Let's see you get behind anyone with a conservative bent, especially a democrat. I can't believe you're still in business. Who is buying these papers?

Archiguy said...

Republican readers lament the "lack of a conservative columnist" at the Observer. What they really mean is why can't the Observer fall in line with FOX News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, Ann Colter, and the Wall Street Editorial Board in simply endorsing every rotten idea to ooze out of the Republican National Committee's smoke-filled rooms.

History shows us very clearly that conservative ideas are usually bad. They're not in the national best interest, and they frequently run afoul of the very Constitution they claim to revere. They have been on the wrong side of nearly every social and economic issue that has faced this country in the last 100 years, from women's suffrage, to Social Security, to rural electrification, to the civil rights movement, to Medicare. All of them championed by liberals and bitterly opposed by the conservatives of their day. Their systematic removal of regulation and oversight beginning with the "Reagan revolution" led directly to the recent economic meltdown. They cheered while most of the light manufacturing sector of the American economy, which provided an entry to the middle class for generations, was shipped offshore. They are not only wrong, they are downright dangerous.

The Observer simply reports the news. They do not slant it. When the editorial staff takes a position, it is the sensible, logical, and rational one. The fact that those criteria do not often line up with conservative dogma is what angers the tea party crowd.

If you want propaganda, turn on FOX News any night of the week. If you want facts and truth, pick up a newspaper - and yes, that includes the Observer.

Larry said...

Yes you Democrats just love the Observer.

Samuel said...

CO Editors --

Sonia Sotomayor is an activist, radical justice who blatantly admitted that she believes in making law from the bench, in contravention to the Founding Fathers and our Constitution. She is a disgrace to the Judicial branch, and a horrible edition to the Supreme Court.

Quote "I voted for Sonia Sotomayor and Kagan not because I would have picked them, but because that's the way the Senate used to work." Great logic, Lindsey!!

On illegal immigration, he appears to be vacillating. Today he's against anchor babies, but yesterday he was for amnesty.

Graham is a political coward, pure and simple. He has no courage of convictions. He is a travesty.

tarhoosier said...

Beware the man who reads but one book.

Archiguy said...

Sorry Sam, but conservative judges are the most activist by far. Every single decision John Roberts has made since being appointed CJ has favored powerful corporate interests over that of the individual. The recent decision to allow any group to contribute any amount of money to election campaigns will result in a flood of "anonymous" corporate money into elections and reversing nearly 100 years of judicial precedent that has served this country well and furthered the founders' intention of free and fair elections. Since corporations have orders of magnitude more money than labor unions to waste on political campaigns, that decision will greatly favor Republicans. If that's not the VERY DEFINITION of judicial activism, then pray tell, what is?

It might help if you turned off FOX News and your AM radio, read a newspaper and some of the Supreme Court decisions over the last 10 years, and learned just what judicial activism really is. You clearly don't have a clue.

StanD said...

Let the Greater G'ville Repubs have their day. Its not going to push Lindsay off his beliefs and it gives a not-so-relevant org a reason to feel relevant for a day.

I appreciate Lindsay for voting his beliefs instead of being a puppet to party pressures. We need more of it. This is why I also appreciated Joe Liebermans backbone when he voted his conscience resulting in the Dem party turned its back on him. Does that ring a bell with our C.O. editorial board?

Anonymous said...

And where were might I ask were all you so, so concerned tea baggers and constitutionalist when Bush was selling our country to the Chinese to fund his illegal grudge war and corporate American banking was running absolutely free reign wild?

wiley said...


I believe you have Bush confused with the current Moron in Chief occupying the White House.

He has single handedly sold America to the Chinese while apologizing to every dictator running a third world country since he took office.

By the way, Obama has continued many of Bush's policies so be careful who you think the enemy is.

Larry said...

Be sure to go to this graph and note the real numbers to see who spent what.


Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

Anonymous said...
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Samuel said...

Hey Archguy,

Ever heard of the ninth district? You know, the one who continually has its liberal, idiotic decisions overturned by the Supreme Court? Otherwise known as the raw material supplier for the Supreme Court?

And sorry, Archguy, but in the last several years it's unions, not big corporations, who have been receiving favored treatment. Remember the GM bankruptcy? You know, the one where the Obama administration chose to push for union priority over taxpayer claims, which was clearly in breach of bankruptcy law?

Maybe you should crawl out of your legal hole and enter the real world. YOU really have no clue.

I've read some of your posts, and clearly you do not let facts get in the way of your ideas. Have a happy time in liberal fantasyland as our economy is totally wrecked by liberal lawyers and liberal professors.

Shepard said...

As a conservative Republican I ahv to say that that Graham, in most cases, is an embarrassment to conservatives. He is exactly what is wrong with Congress. They will say and do whatever they think will keep them in office even if what they are saying at this moment contradicts what they said 5 minutes ago.
Oh, by the way, Archiguy, you are an idiot!

Anonymous said...
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