Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jerry Reese threatens another suit on baseball

Charlotte attorney Jerry Reese, who has filed five lawsuits trying to stop the Charlotte Knights from building an uptown baseball stadium, plans to threaten another one tonight.

Reese expects to address Mecklenburg County commissioners tonight as they consider giving the Triple A team another year to pull together money for the project.

"I intend to use three means to nullify any action of this board that does not terminate the Knights' lease as of September 5, 2011," Reese says in his prepared remarks.

One of those: Challenging any lease extension in court. "This board, the Knights and anyone who might consider being involved with this ill-advised project is hereby forewarned and put on notice."

We're guessing that that will prompt one big group eye-roll from the dais. It's true that Reese's previous suits slowed things down long enough for the economy to tank and put the Knights' move on hold. But Reese is 0-for-5 in the courts on this issue and very well could move to 0-for-6 with this effort. Even an unsuccessful legal challenge might not slow things down, since county commissioners are poised to give the Knights another year to sort things out anyway.

Reese also plans to repeat his contention that Charlotte is a major-league town, not a minor-league one. He will tell commissioners that he intends to pursue building a major league stadium in Cabarrus or York counties.

For what purpose is anyone's guess. Reese told commissioners previously that he hasn't spoken with major league teams about a Charlotte move, and the idea of one moving here any time soon is far-fetched. Commissioners would probably welcome the news that Reese plans to take his quixotic quest somewhere else.

-- Posted by the Observer editorial board


John said...

This guy is insane. Period.

Rboggs81 said...

He may be insane, but the county has no right giving a PRIVATE business a one dollar a year ($1 a year!) lease on public owned property. They should be getting the best deal available that land, the ROI for the minor league stadium on that land is just NOT worth it!