Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why do more Democrats dislike Tim Tebow?

Public Policy Polling has taken a break from Election 2012 to bring us the important news that the Green Bay Packers have surpassed the Dallas Cowboys as America’s team, according to the latest PPP survey. This is big, we think, because we like the Packers more, too.

The numbers: 22 percent of voters said the Packers were their favorite team, while only 11 percent named the Cowboys. The Bears, Steelers and Giants had 8 percent. Just two percent admitted to liking the Jets.

Another interesting tidbit, from PPP:
Tim Tebow is viewed favorably by 68% of Republicans but only 39% of Democrats. Just to put those numbers into some context, none of the Republican Presidential candidates are even seen positively by 68% of Republicans. He's more popular than any of them.
Just four out of 10 Democrats like Tebow, compared to seven in 10 Republicans. Why is that? After all, he spreads the wealth around selflessly in the Denver offense. Plus, you know, he’s a lefty.

Yes, we understand what’s behind the numbers. People are uncomfortable with Tebow’s overt faithfulness. Some dislike him instantly because he is against abortion - doctors recommended his mother have the procedure because pregnancy complications with him, but she declined.

Many don’t know that story, however, but they see such fervent belief from Tebow and assume it likely is accompanied by other things, such as the bigotry toward gays and Muslims displayed by the radical Christian right. It’s unfortunate, as always - not only because Tebow has indicated none of that, but because Christians (and Muslims) shouldn’t be defined by their extremes.

Nor should Democrats and Republicans, of course.

Back to the primaries.

Peter St. Onge


Wilsurto said...

The same reason normal Republicans don't like him either. If Tebow were Muslim, he would be hated for display the same religious antics. If we need to be witnessed to, please do it out of the media spotlight. I'm Christian, but I find people like Tebow a complete turnoff.

John said...

A wise man once commented: "You can't turn off, off."

Your comment says more about yourself than it does about Tim Tebow.

John said...

To comment further... personally, I think he should tone it down, but that's just my preference... I'm not going to dislike him for the way HE chooses to express his faith. Afterall, it's not like he's doing anything that hurts anybody else!

The pilgrims came to America to leave an environment where their personal expressions of faith were unwelcome. We forget that far too easily these days!

lj said...

You make good points regarding the fact that Tebow really hasn't aired any of his other beliefs, outside of being pro-lifer. I'm a left leaning person who was aware of the story behind Tebow's birth. And while I'm still not likely to embrace his views (I think it's great that his mom took her chances with giving birth to Tebow, but I wouldn't fault another pregnant woman who wouldn't want to take that chance), I respect his position as a pro-lifer given how personal this is for him.

My problem with his displays on the field (and the media coverage behind it) is the insinuation that somehow his prayers are being heard over everybody else's. There are others who practice their faith avidly, but don't necessarily put it on display in the same manner that Tebow does. Speaking for myself, these displays on the field are what tend to provoke my negative impressions of him. However, I'm starting to realize this has less to do with Tebow and more to do with the media machine behind the coverage he receives. I'm going to try and be less judgmental about him and his faith. But it's very difficult to do so when you have to hear about his faith through the media - as if he's the only player in the NFL who is devout in his Christian (or religious) beliefs.

calvinista said...

Disapproval of homosexuality and rejection of the efficacy of other religions is not 'radical,' it's actual historic, orthodox Christianity. And Judaism, and Islam, for that matter.

Wiley Coyote said...
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The Observer Editorial Board said...


That's true, if it's merely disapproval and/or rejection of efficacy. Bigotry and discrimination, which also might historic, come from today's radical Christians (and radicals in other religions).

Bill said...
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Anonymous said...

You have to be blind to not see that the democratic party has become Americas party of hate.

Just read the lines of the pro "democrat" and "liberal" posters on the boards at the

Seriously, pay attention to the tone and rhetoric ..even from Obama himself.

It will backfire in the long run. Americans are a conservative lot by nature. As they should be.

The Observer Editorial Board said...

Hi Bill,

That's an aside, but there are lots of possibilities. Abortions were not banned in other countries, and she had the means to leave. Also, many pregnancies in the Philippines end in abortion, despite the law, according to this 2005 NYT article:


Wiley Coyote said...


Doctors recommended the procedure.

He never said where they recommended the procedure take place.

She could have flown somewhere to get it.

Put your reasoning skills to the test.

You fail.

Bill said...
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The Observer Editorial Board said...


I think it's reaching to conclude that because they partnered on the ad, that Tebow supports all of Focus on the Family's policies. The ad, if I remember it correctly, was exclusively about Tebow's story.


Bill said...
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The Observer Editorial Board said...

Not at all, Bill. You asked me two questions - about his mother's story, and about his Super Bowl ad. I gave you my sense of each, and the Super Bowl ad, which is very specific to his story, doesn't show me what it shows you. People partner all the time with others who don't share all their views, but share one in particular. Newt Gingrich even sat down in front of a camera with Nancy Pelosi.

The point of the post is that most people (who likely don't know Tebow's history as well as you do) dislike him because they are either uncomfortable with his overt faith, or they link it with radicalism that Tebow himself has never expressed. I think that's unfortunate, but not uncommon.

You're welcome to form your opinion and disagree, as you clearly do. No rules.


The Observer Editorial Board said...


No problem. I'm sorry you deleted your comments. I thought they added to the discussion.


Wiley Coyote said...

...I guess he took his marbles and went home.

Sindarintech said...

My dislike for Tebow and his ilk is that they lack humility and misuse their religion by thinking it's supposed to help them win something as mediocre as a football game. God doesn't care.

Considering how many Evangelicals seem to be so crazy about Tebow, it might be a good opportunity to refer them to the passages in their holy book that talk about delibrately flaunting ones religion to get attention or imply one is holier than another.

Tebow suffers from the sin of pride. It will be amusing watching his fall.

Garth Vader said...

What's particularly interesting about Tebow from a Charlotte perspective is that he is having this success based on an unconventional offense being implemented by boring ol' John Fox.

D.W. Benfield said...

Matthew Chapter 6, Verse 5: "And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward."

rwnutjob said...

Simple - Because he is an abortion survivor.

Danzer4always said...

I am sure he is a nice and fine human being. I just do not need him getting pro-lifer on me. He can be pro life if he wants to be, he had a choice...just keep it to your personal life. I do not think he wants to the the poster boy for the pro life argument. I can not stand hearing Men have an opinion on a woman's right. It is an individual choice and not one other's should have a say on.

Lambie said...

Has Tebow ever said he prays to win games? He appears to acknowledge God in everything he does, but how is that praying to win? Like many other aspects of his story, I think his critics, as well as many people who post comments online, seem to assume or imagine or extrapolate what is going on when he kneels.
Acknowledging God in everything you do, does not equate to asking God to help you win in sports. He kneels when he loses, too.

Intolerantone said...

Tim Tebows religion is none of our business. The media, not him make it a spectacle. His pro life stance is not that radical. What is the worst that can happen? Someone might be given the gift of life? People who support abortion and not accepting a fetus as a life are really just trying to not accept responsibility for their actions and are looking for any way out.

Veronica said...

"...and assume it likely is accompanied by other things, such as the bigotry toward gays and Muslims displayed by the radical Christian right."

Anyone who makes that assumption presents a much larger problem for society than Tim Tebow. By giving print to that line of thinking many of your readers will see an implied empathy while the rest of us see it as a wink and a nod to Leftist bigotry.

Would the Observer express similar empathy toward someone who assumes a Muslim on their airplane poses a threat after observing them praying in the concourse?

Veronica said...

The Observer may like the Packers but I doubt very much you would like Green Bay.

I'm picturing the Observer Op Ed lasting about 10 minutes in northern Wisconsin before complaining about the community's startling lack of diversity.

Wiley Coyote said...

The unwarranted hate towards Tebow here is interesting in that many athletes from all sports have thanked God or Christ first during interviews. We've even seen it in Hollywood during award shows.

One other notable football player who always expressed his faith is Kurt Warner.

Tim Tebow's faith does not threaten me.

No atheist's "beliefs" threaten me.

I think this comment from Danzer pretty much sums up the misplaced distain for Tebow and his/her ignorance:

I can not stand hearing Men have an opinion on a woman's right. It is an individual choice and not one other's should have a say on.

Perhaps we don't want to hear YOUR opinion? What makes it ok for YOU to give YOUR opinion on abortion but not Tebow?

Your opinion(s) carries no more weight than his or mine.

Tebow, regrdless of his faith, is an individual with a positive attitude, unlike many haters here like Sindarintech, who suffers from the sin of hate....

Skippy said...

Put it this way, if Tebow's mother were a Democrat, there would be no Tebow to hate. Which begs the question, how many more great leaders have we left on the abortion table?

D.W. Benfield said...

I cannot believe the misconcrptions, half-truths and outright lies about Democrats. I suggest you get to know some of us personally and, if you are able, come up with rational, intelligent, adult rebuttals to our beliefs instead of the juvinile vitrol you spew anonymously.

heavymetal said...

I do agree with the poster that brought up the media focus on Tebow's faith, just as they sometimes seem to focus on the people that flash "John 3:16" posters at the games.
I do not bring a poster to church that says "Go Redskins" and raise it during the sermon.

heavymetal said...

D.W. Benfield? I can believe them, because the same can be said for those that spead the same misconceptions, mispercepions and misinformed opinions about Republicans.
Hardly anyone takes the time to learn, and thus realize, that there is always a lot of "gray" area to one another's beliefs.

Sanity said...

Why garbage like this is at the top of my newspaper is beyond me.

I'm Unaffiliated and I like Tim Tebow the person (not the player)
I know several friends that are Democrats, and they like Tim Tebow (the person, not the player)

And I know a few Republicans that DON'T like him....

Check your facts Mr/Mrs "Blogger".
As for the charlotte observer. Why do you let garbage like this fly?
Next thing you know, you see a blog of "Why do Republicans dislike African-Americans.....Get it together Observer!

ls-d said...

Being an FSU Alumi/ why dislikes him...and the fact he cries when he loses...UF 2nd championship game...which they lost…boy did the tears flow…loved it!

cooldela1966 said...

The liberal Democrats do not like people to believe in anything other than the almighty power of government to solve their problems or fill their heart with love. Tebow is just the latest target.

heavymetal said...

Urban legend suggests that Hitler's mother would have had an abortion if she could have. Is that true? We'll never know. Just like we'll never know if any "great leaders" have been aborted.
Consequently, that argument has no merit.
I take issue with your comments on Democrats as a whole, but can and will admit that liberals (especially ultra-left wing liberals) tend to use the term "pro-choice" to seemingly cover for a thinly-veiled ideolgy that is pro-abortion.
Case in point: the liberal attack on Sarah Palin for carrying a down's syndrome child to term.
To me someone who is "pro-choice" supports whichever decision is made.

Kingward said...

The Democrats have a larger non-believing constituency than the Republicans. This isn't rocket science. Homosexuals, abortionists, proponents of same sex marriage and God-haters aren't going to like Tim Tebow.

Sindarintech said...

kingward, you clearly live in a world where your eyes are closed tight, hands over ears, yelling 'nyah nyah nyah' at anyone different than you.

I seriously doubt that Democrats are less religious. One big difference among the Christian Democrats I do know is that they keep their faith to themselves, rather than throwing it around like it's a cheaply-made advertisement banner.

Someone posted a quote from the Good Book about praying in private. Many Democrats actually follow that recommendation. Many also practice 'Love thy neighbor as you would yourself'... something that far right Republicans might take a lesson from.

dave said...

Interesting. For years countless black and white football players have knelt in the end zone,, looked like they were praying, looked to the skies and mouthed thank you, some even cross themselves in a catholic manner, and I have never heard the slightest comment from anyone. How many have watched grown men holding hands and prayi g while a kicker attempts a field goal, of the last batter is up for the last pitch? Why is Tebow the lightening rod? Is it possible that he lives his faith, calling sin for what it is? Does his life make you uncomfortable? He has not really drawn attention to himself except for in the abortion debate and there are plenty of non-Christians who support the prolife movement. I think this is largely a media overhype and I am hopeful that through example Tim can lead and encourage folks to look at Christ.

chupacabra said...

You left out that he isn't actually that good of a QB and is so overexposed that there is no way to escape hearing about him.

I've heard that this whole abortion thing was pretty much made up. Partially because abortion was illegal where they were living and because no one can actually scare up this supposed doctor who recommended it.

Mostly though I'm just sick of tebow mania.

The Observer Editorial Board said...


Please note the clarification on the poll. Four in 10 Democrats had a favorable view of Tebow, compared to 7 in 10 Republicans. Each had people who had no opinion of Tebow.



cooldela1966 said...

Christians used to get thrown to the lions, now they get thrown to the press.