Monday, April 16, 2012

Emails paint image of dysfunctional state Dems

Good morning. Welcome to O-pinion. I'm associate editor Fannie Flono, your host today.

The Observer's story this morning on the resignation of Jay Parmley, executive director of the N.C. Democratic Party, over sexual harassment claims and an alleged settlement to make them go away paints a picture of party leadership in disarray. But the chaos becomes more evident when you read some of the emails that prompted or at least led up to the resignation.

Amazingly, it wasn't even the sexual harassment allegations that got this thing started (at least from the emails we read) but a dustup over how the party was promoting (or providing news feeds to the media about) Democratic candidates for governor. In emails from nearly a month ago, Watt Jones, a state executive committee member, questioned the party's communications arm's "fairness in disseminating information concerning all Democratic candidates." Jones emailed the NC Democratic Party executive council about being "disrespected" by a staffer when the questions were raised and that the staffer, later identified as Walton Robinson, might need "anger management."

Things devolved from there with the two exchanging heated emails and party chairman David Parker getting involved to try to smooth things over, taking responsibility for any problems and calling both Jones and Robinson good people. In one email, he tried to bring them both together with the rallying cry, "Let's get on with whipping Republicans and setting our beloved state right again!"

But then came the bombshell. The matter wasn't just about fair news treatment of candidates. (By the way, it was Democrat Bill Faison who allegedly wasn't getting the fair treatment, according to the emails.) There were sexual harassment allegations and a payoff that reportedly had been covered up. "If this hits the media," Jones wrote, "the Democratic Party, our candidates and our credibility will be doomed in this election. You need to clean this mess up before it gets worse."

In resigning, Parmley blamed right-wing political enemies for "spreading a false and misleading story." If the story is false and misleading, that needs to be exposed. But the emails paint a picture more of dysfunctional state Democratic leadership, and that needs to be addressed too.


DistrictSix said...

Fannie when we posted the link to these emails yesterday, and last night your people removed them.

They said the Observer could be sued?

They then wiped all the comments made from yesterday and last night early this morning. Not like when they post a new story and the old comments are still on the old one.

I hope the Observer does not have weekend people censoring things with out cause, or just because they do not fit some agenda? Oh and a couple of people who are Conservative, said they were banned over the weekend for their comments.

Has the Observer changed since it is Monday, or are you taking a chance?

I have a copy of the exchange from over the weekend, if you need it.

Garth Vader said...

Why would Bill Faison be upset about the coverage he's receiving? At least he's getting profiled by the Observer and invited to the debates, unlike three other candidates, including a black female who's the only minority or woman running. Interesting how Fannie isn't displaying her usual outrage at the exclusion of a female or a minority. I guess she's under orders from the NC Dem machinery to promote only the establishment grey-haired white male good ol' boys Faison, Etheridge and Dalton.

Skippy said...

Doesn't the Democrat Party have to "look good" first in order for it to "look bad"? I guess Fannie has a collective blind spot for the years of corrupt Democrats embroiled in controversy after controversy including our current inept scandal ridden Governor.

DistrictSix said...

I hope the Observer will issue an Editorial demanding the return of this person back to his post.

The Democratic Party should be right behind him in his fight against the Conservatives, and it would not be a distraction as he presents his case against those who did this to him to the public.

Give him his job back!

Anonymous said...

District Six, Observer editors had not verified the authenticity of the emails when you posted a link Sunday. That's why it was removed, I'm told. I have passed on your concerns however.
Garth Vader, the editorial board isn't doing profiles of candidates. We're the commentary side of the paper. News reporters are doing the profiles and news coverage. I'll let them know of your concerns.


Unknown said...

Why is there such focus on a hissy fit between 2 adult males? How about more research on the boon doogle that is the Gaston Parkway, or how Tony Rand used his position to benefit financially, or how come Easley escaped doing time and even got his law license back despite having been convicted of a felony?

DistrictSix said...

Fannie: Thanks. These emails have been available for the last two plus days.

And the Daily Caller, which you have linked to from your article, was the source of them? That is also why I did what you did and tried to provide a link.

I am surprised no one able to verify them when they posted the N@O article which mentioned them?

That seems like an unusual action.

Especially considering I received the following from the Observer: Posted on Sunday night. on NC Democratic Party executive director resigns amid claims of sexual harassment 12 hours ago

It is in the text of the story that the person who made claims of harassment was a male. Please do not post links to unconfirmed news reports. We must delete them to defend ourselves from libel lawsuits. Thanks -Observer Staff

I can give you the name of the person who wrote this, if you need it.

I also noted that the activity of comments for this person who sent me this, has extensive likes for those comments which denigrate the Marriage Amendment and approval.

So I hope the Observer will get to the bottom of the problems and those Conservatives who were banned will be allowed back on the discussion. Or actually a fair and balanced discussion without the Observer intervention except those which do not adhere to the stated policy.

Wiley Coyote said...


Perhaps you and Ann could work together exposing the other supposedly "false and misleading" story about CMS backroom deals...

But we all know what the outcome will be:

It's Bush's fault.

Ghoul said...


No way follows up on her statement on your concerns. You see the observer's rules are:

The Charlotte Observer welcomes your comments on news of the day. The more voices engaged in conversation, the better for us all, but do keep it civil. Please refrain from profanity, obscenity, spam, name-calling or attacking others for their views.

But they don't welcome opposing views, and will delete posts that break none of these rules. They especially don't like to be called out on this, as I did to Kathy Sheldon last night with her obvious lie about being sued. Heck, Dave Enna hates me so much he has banned my work IP address, hey Dave, how is that working out for ya?

Fannie knows all about a one sided debate, I'm surprised she allowed comments on this post.

DistrictSix said...

We have a meeting with Rick Thames the end of this week and would love to have others join us to discuss their concerns with him. is who you can email with information if you would like to attend, or send him information you would like us to present for you.

Garth Vader said...


You are 100% correct with your "one sided debate" statement:

1. O-Pinion spills buckets of ink on infantile spat between Pittenger and Pendergraph, but ignores the serious issues or the fact that Steinberg got the most applause at the forum where P&P threw their tantrum.

2. O-Pinion parrots establishment hack Bill Faison's grumbling about being "mistreated", yet ignores the fact that ONLY establishment hacks are being covered or included in debates. Fannie even keeps her race and gender cards in her pocket in deference to the establishment hacks.

Ghoul said...

Looks like we have had some selected editting of the replies. What wrong Fannie, is the truth about your online moderator too much to bear?

Hopefully Larry will repost his comment that was deleted for all to see what Kathy Sheldon has been "liking" with her Disqus profile, while at the same time she has been deleting conservatives postings and banning people who disagree with her.

DistrictSix said...

I just got back to this and noticed the removal.

This will be part of the parcel we present during our meeting.

Again if everyone would send an email or call Rich Thames 704.358.5040 and express your concerns, now would be the time and most helpful.