Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jill Kelley a victim in Petraeus affair? Maybe not.

Jill Kelley insists she's the victim in the whole Petraeus affair. But it's increasingly looking like the truth may be more complicated.

Kelley is the Tampa woman who complained to the FBI after receiving harassing emails from, it turned out, Charlotte's Paula Broadwell. The ensuing FBI investigation ultimately led to Gen. David Petraeus' resignation as CIA director.

The Washington Post reported that Kelley's brother, David Khawam, said his sister called him Sunday and said, "I've done nothing wrong. I'm the victim here."

Maybe, maybe not. News reports this morning say that Kelley exchanged thousands of "potentially inappropriate" emails with Marine Gen. John R. Allen, the four-star commander of the war in Afghanistan. Politico reports that the FBI on Sunday gave up to 30,000 pages of emails between the two to Pentagon lawyers. Allen was based in Tampa, where Kelley lives, before taking over Afghanistan operations from Petraeus in July 2011.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI agent who first took Kelley's complaint and started the investigation allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley prior to any of this. The agent is now under investigation by the internal affairs unit of the FBI, the Journal reported.

Kelley quickly became a mainstay in Tampa's social scene, mostly in military circles, after moving there from Pennsylvania. The mansion she shared with her husband, oncologist Scott Kelley, was the frequent site for parties featuring top generals and politicians. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the Kelleys were foreclosed upon and in 2011 a judge ordered the property sold.

Kelley has described Petraeus as being like a grandfather to her family, the Tampa Bay Times reports. But her relationship with the general was close enough to prompt emails from Broadwell telling her to back off. And CNN reports that Broadwell's emails warn Kelley about leaving a number of generals alone, not just Petraeus.

Maybe Kelley really is a victim here. But there sure is a lot of smoke. Stay tuned; we have a hunch there's more to come.

-- Taylor Batten


Garth Vader said...


Now, I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually, um, had taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.

The challenging thing for General Petraeus is that in his new position, he’s not allowed to communicate with the press. So he’s known all of this — they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in, in Libya. Within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening."

- Paula Broadwell, University of Denver Alumni Symposium, Oct. 26, 2012

Looks like the affair was made public in order to keep Petraeus from testifying about the CIA's secret prison being the root cause of the Benghazi attack.

Skippy said...

And President Empty Chair knew NOT ONE THING about anything YET again just like Fast and Furious and just like the massive cover up in Benghazi. Time to subpoena Petraeus and the shrill Clinton who still has not been held "accountable" for her role in the murder of our Ambassador and who has stayed purposely out of the country to avoid any "tough" questions from the yellow press. The same Clinton that stood next to the coffins and blamed the murders on a video that no one saw. Classy lady.

Mark Caplan said...

Jill Kelley was born Jill Khawam. That's an Iraqi surname, although her parents maintain they immigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon. However, to date there is absolutely no credible evidence she is a member of a sleeper cell.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little suspicious of Mrs. Kelley because the first story I saw about her yesterday had the photo you have here on this post, as well as another photo - and the second photo was of Mrs. Kelley, wearing a dress that was too small for her, that loudly advertised that she is... uh, endowed by her Creator with ... well, you know. There she was, next to Gen. Petreus, mugging for the camera in said dress. Then I read that Broadwell was disliked in Petreus' circle for dressing in a similar manner. Something's up. I don't believe Mrs. Kelley is as pure as she wants us to believe.

Yes, there is a ton of smoke around this whole thing. And if the traditional media outlets had done their job, we would have known about all this at least a month ago. But there is a possibility that this might make their God Barack look a little bad, so they buried it. You can bet every last dollar on Earth if Bush - or any Republican, for that matter, was President, all of this would have been exposed by September 12.

Garth Vader said...

The husband in Jill Kelley's sister's custody battle:

Grayson P. Wolfe

Grayson Wolfe is a Partner at Akkadian. He previously served as Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States. He was appointed to the bank by President Bush in June 2002. Between January and August 2004, Wolfe served as Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq. In this capacity he was directly responsible for implementing a wide range of initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and provide financing to Iraqi companies. During this time, Wolfe worked extensively on the ground with senior Iraqi and Kurdish officials, and with the Ministries of Finance, Trade and Oil.

Greg and Kathy Streuber said...

There all a bunch of skanks. Whats up with these men at the top, ie. Clinton, Betreaus etc who, with all the power in the world end up with a chick that I wouldn't have been with after a quart of Tequila. Just a bunch of trailer trash...uh scratch that, mcmansion trash whoresdevoures.

Adolf said...

Kick these lousy generals out of the service - fast!

cltindependent said...

Sing with me Skippy! "I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU, IF I CAN'T HOLD YOU TO NIGHHHHTT!! This is about Jill Kelley and the generals. Not PRESIDENT OBAMA. It's going to be a long (but funny) four years. You guys are obsessed with this president.