Monday, March 11, 2013

The Best. Awkward. Hug. Ever.

You know how sometimes, something is funny the first few times you see it, then not so funny after that? This is not one of those things.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory are not, well, close. Here's a chilly moment from a March 4 announcement that Areva was moving its corporate headquarters to Charlotte: 

The two appeared together again at last week's news conference announcing MetLife moving 1,300 jobs to Charlotte.

From our friends at WCNC, a gif that's making the rounds in these parts:



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Mayor Foxx has ever held a job in the private sector?

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure that information is readily available to anyone with an internet connection. Do some research.

Ettolrahc said...

So is that the face we guys have when we are that time of joy?

Women are always talking about the face and making fun of it, now we can see it.

heyray said...

Reply to backwards Charlotte: HUH?

Pamela Grundy said...

Looks like our governor's "smile at every lamppost" training has paid off.