Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Conservatives' poll: Voters not happy with GOP legislature

Findings from a Civitas Institute poll released this week show North Carolinians giving thumbs up to many of the tax changes coming from the Republican-controlled N.C. legislature. The flash poll from the group calling itself "North Carolina's conservative voice" was done July 17-18 and polled 603 N.C. registered voters. But the same poll showed respondents dissatisfied with the legislature, particularly legislative Republicans.

On tax changes:

- Sixty-five percent approved of cutting the state personal income tax for all NC taxpayers to a flat 5.75 percent rate; 23 percent disapproved.

- Sixty-four percent approved of increasing the standard deduction; 20 percent disapproved.

- Fifty-two percent approved of a cut in corporate taxes from 6.9 percent to 5 percent in two years, and down to 3 percent in the next two years if certain fiscal benchmarks are reached; 33 percent disapproved.

The biggest approval rating though came for issues that Republican legislative leaders initially fought against. Lawmakers had pressed to tax Social Security benefits and take away deductions for charitable giving. After loud public protests, those changes did not become part of the budget bills. In the Civitas poll, 84 percent of respondents approved of leaving charitable contributions fully deductible and not taxing Social Security benefits; just 8 percent disapproved.

On political leadership, respondents weren't very happy with legislative leaders. Thirty-nine percent gave the General Assembly unfavorable marks, with 25 percent favorable and 26 percent neutral.

On legislative Republicans, 40 percent viewed them unfavorably, 32 percent favorably and 20 percent neutral. Of legislative Democrats, 33 percent viewed them favorably and 33 percent viewed them unfavorably with 27 percent neutral.

Of GOP Gov. Pat McCrory, 37 percent viewed him favorably and 30 percent unfavorably, with 21 percent neutral.

The poll included 30 percent of people identifying as Republican, 43 percent as Democrats and 24 percent independent. On political ideology, 35 percent identified as conservative, 41 percent as moderate, and 16 percent as liberal.


bridg girl said...

well this headline was misleading....the body of the article was mostly about the high approval the GOP is getting, then one blurb says the poll had a dissatisfied majority. What was the disapproval for? What a waste of my time.... CO get your act together we know you hate conservatives but your grasping at straws wonder yall call me daily begging me to subscribe.

Skippy said...

So the Charlottte Observer tries to spin this poll which shows most of their efforts as favorable DESPITE using 13% more Democrats in the poll? Clowns.

ncknight said...

Misleading headline..article doesn't agree with it.

misswhit said...

Who posted the headline? Are you deliberately trying to mislead your readers?

misswhit said...

Ah, never mind. I just noticed that this was posted by Fannie. That explains it.

John said...

It came from Fannie, which is usually reason enough to just close the window and move on.

bridg girl said...

I mean, this is why NO ONE trust the media anymore. There was once a time when we could read the newspaper and believe what it said. Now its like they print what they want you to read with their own agenda. I wanted to be a journalist. Not anymore. Now news reporter is ranked as trustworthy as a car salesman.