Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Edgy jokes flow at Good Fellows luncheon

Some 1,400 men gathered at the Charlotte Convention Center today for the annual Good Fellows luncheon. Besides their main cause - raising $350,000 or more in one hour to help the needy - the Good Fellows lunch is known for the jokes civic leaders tell based on current events.

We got the feeling that some of the edgiest one-liners were left on the cutting-room floor. But a handful of good ones survived. Here are some of the best, told by Gov. Pat McCrory, developer Johnny Harris and other city leaders, paraphrased a bit:

  • "Hey Johnny," the Republican McCrory says, "do you know how to get to Raleigh?" "Yeah," Harris responds. "You take I-85 to I-40 and when you get to Raleigh you take a hard right."
  • The town is abuzz with the return of the Charlotte Hornets name and colors next NBA season, but don't get too excited, Harris says, "because we all know, Shinn happens."
  • What do you get when you cross Andy Dulin, Ruth Samuelson and Bob Rucho? Two out, one to go.
  • What do you get when you cross John Edwards and Cam Newton? Someone who knows how to make a pass.
  • The city is considering putting movie studios at Eastland Mall. "Which tells you that 'Homeland' isn't the only Hollywood fantasy taking place in Charlotte."
Harris, who is believed to be one of the unidentified "businessmen" behind the move to strip Charlotte of its airport, was coy about where he stands on the issue. Developer Peter Pappas asked Harris what he thought of the effort.

"Some of my friends are for it, and some of my friends are against it," Harris said. "And what about you?" Pappas pressed. "I'm 100 percent behind my friends," Harris replied.

-- Taylor Batten  


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