Monday, May 12, 2014

N.C. lawmakers guilty of voter fraud?!!

Will Democratic N.C. House members Duane Hall and Rodney Moore, and Republican colleagues Rep. Charles Jeter and Sen. Ronald Rabin be investigated for voter fraud? Democracy North Carolina presented documentation Monday that it says shows all four had duplicate voter registrations in other states - what Republican lawmakers say is an indication of voter fraud.

Moore and Jeter are from Mecklenburg County. Rabin is from Hartnett and Hall is from Wake.

Duplicate registrations were a trigger for a current state investigation. The state board of elections is looking at possible voter fraud involving 765 voters with the same name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of their social security number.

Hall, Moore, Jeter and Rabin all have active voter registrations with the same first and last name and the same date of birth in other states, Democracy NC officials said. ABC news affiliate WTVD in Raleigh reported that the group said it is using the examples to make the argument that there are thousands of North Carolinians who moved to the state, and simply forgot to cancel their old voter registration or who just happen to share the same name and date of birth as a voter in another state.

Said the group's executive director Bob Hall: "The hysteria about voter fraud is being used to justify restrictions that do not improve the fairness or security of our election system. They just reduce the access to our voting system for people who are occasional voters."

WRAL reported Jeter had a different view. He acknowledged there could be, as in his case, innocent reasons why people showed up as registered in two states. But he said: "The argument from some of my colleagues is there are probably nefariousness reasons as well." He said the situation pointed to problems within the election system.

Jeter said that he had been a registered voter in his home state of South Carolina before moving to North Carolina. The fact that he could be shown as an active voter in both places "is a primary example of why there needs to be voter ID."

Meanwhile over the weekend, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was quoted in the New York Times as acknowledging the GOP hysteria, as Bob Hall called it, in the push for stricter voter ID laws, saying the Republican Party was alienating and insulting African-Americans. In a Times story headlined, "Paul diverges from his party over voter ID", he quoted as saying: "Everybody's gone completely crazy on this voter ID thing." Paul, who has presidential aspirations, said in the interview Friday. "I think it's wrong for Republicans to go too crazy on this issue, because it's offending people."

It's not just offending people. It's wrong.

- Fannie Flono


Garth Vader said...

I love it when the Observer folks copy and paste and it shows up here as three different fonts. Indicates the effort they put into their articles.

BTW Fannie, how about you comment on Brett Hulsey, the Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin who got smacked down by a black Republican delegate when he confronted her about "GOP racism":

Carol Justus said...

If twenty five people are in group, there is likely that at least two of them will have the same birthday.
I belong to a church that three of us have the same birthday. One has the same first name as my wife and her husbands birthday is the next day.

People move around much more than they use to and my guess to register to vote in a neighboring state it would have to be close or THE PERSON WOULD HAVE TO BE RICH SO HE OR SHE COULD TAKE THE DAY OFF TO GET TO BOTH PRECINCTS TO VOTE.

Anonymous said...

Fannie, what good are elections w/o controls to help maintain the integrity of the results?

Voters deserve the confidence that their vote has carried equal weight in an election. Period.

Carol Justus said...

Will some one show some independent investigation that found any person winning any election by voter fraud???

I do not care if is city council, school board, county supervisor, judge, state representative, state senator, or to congress, or any other office.

Voter fraud is nothing more than to stymie the votes of the very young, the old, and the very poor who do not have the means, either transportation or money to get to a DMV to get a photo ID.

If those who are advocating voter fraud were serious about it they would set up a photo booth at the voting precincts to take the photo ID when they went to vote!!!!