Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 questions I'm pondering today

Thinking about these: 

1. Does Henry McCollum, freed off North Carolina's Death Row Wednesday after 31 years, have the photo ID he needs to vote?

2. If President Obama is a Muslim and is undercutting America to further his radical Muslim plans, why do ISIS Muslims hate him so?

     2a. Does anyone believe Obama when he says he is going to “destroy” ISIS?

3. Did the promise that Medicaid expansion would be funded with federal money and essentially be free to the states hinge on many states turning it down? If every state had expanded Medicaid, as North Carolina should have, would every state essentially be paying its own way?

4. With the world on fire and domestic issues pressing, was the most lasting takeaway of Wednesday’s U.S. Senate debate that Thom Tillis alienated women and undecided voters by calling Sen. Kay Hagan “Kay” throughout most of it?

5. It’s fantastic that CMS graduation rates have climbed for five straight years and are now at 85 percent. But do we know what percentage of those graduates are truly prepared for college and work in the 21st century?

-- Taylor Batten


Garth Vader said...

3a. How stupid does one have to be to believe that federal money is "free"?

Ghoul said...

Question: How does the Charlotte newspaper, their true name is offensive so I quit calling them that, run a multi-part story on the plight of construction workers after laying off hundreds of their own workers, and then giving the editorial board a big raise?

When will we see the story on the plight of the past Charlotte newspaper workers and their struggle to survive after being let go in the name of corporate profits?

Garth Vader said...


I know that with the staff reductions that Ghoul mentions, and the 90% drop in McClatchy's stock price, that you folks down at 600 S. Tryon might not be aware of a little state called "New York".

But anyway, this tiny little state is having a governor's race this year. And the incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, isn't committing the unpardonable sin of addressing his primary opponent by her first name. Nope, he's just refusing to acknowledge that she even exists, even when she is standing right in front of him.

Here's how the campaign of Zephyr Teachout, Cuomo's opponent, described the incident:


Something incredibly disturbing happened yesterday - and if you've seen the video that's spread across the internet of Andrew Cuomo refusing to shake Zephyr's hand or even look her in the eye, you'll know why I'm emailing.

I want to speak very bluntly about I saw happen yesterday.

Zephyr and Tim directly approached Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul to greet them and shake hands. Andrew Cuomo didn't shake Zephyr's hand. Instead, he refused to look her in the eye, or even acknowledge her standing in front of him. He started desperately yelling to someone else in the crowd while his bodyguard attempted to block Zephyr. After a minute, she was forced to simply walk away.

It was extremely strange. It was extremely disrespectful. It was extremely embarrassing.

But it was more than just those things.

It was heartbreaking.

It was heartbreaking to see we have a Governor of New York who believes he can get away with acting like that in the year 2014.

First Cuomo tried to kick Zephyr off the ballot. Then he refused to debate her. Now he won't even shake her hand, or make eye contact.


Now I know that since Mr. Cuomo is a Democrat, he can do no wrong. But Ms. Teachout is a Democrat AND a woman.

So considering the umbrage you express towards Tholl Road Thom, you might want to consider Mr. Cuomo's boorishness as well.

PS: New York City (yes! there's a city named "New York", too! Maybe when McClatchy stock hits $10 they'll have enough extra cash to send you there) mayor Bill De Blasio ignored Ms. Teachout as well.