Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pat Cotham's superhero alter ego takes flight after chair vote

The Mecklenburg County commissioners, to no one's surprise, gave Trevor Fuller another year in the chairman's seat, dismissing a bid from controversial former chair Pat Cotham, the top vote-getter in the last election. Commissioner Bill James, not exactly a universally beloved figure in local politics, said on his Facebook page that the heavy doses of ridicule coming from the large pro-Pat and anti-Pat protesters in the audience was "not nice to watch."

Cotham introduced a dose of humor to the situation last night when she noticed the following photo on Twitter, created by the satirical group Charlotte Squawks, and posted it on her Facebook page:

Not sure what to call her superhero alter ego here -- BatCotham? PatWoman? the Dark Slight? (Get it? 'Cause she was slighted by the other...oh nevermind). Anyway, here's hoping it helps the board members share a laugh and move on to start finding common ground on the many pressing issues before them.

--Eric Frazier


Anonymous said...

Its funny to watch these people fight like school kids then pontificate to us on how our lives should run. Complete joke. I would call then all Bird Brains.

Cornelia said...

Pat's got more brains in her little finger than Trevor's got in that huge head. But, when it comes to hubris, Fuller leads the pack.