Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Sarah Palin has in common with Jesse Jackson

If you're among the many critics of Sarah Palin, the news of her recent rambling speech in Iowa and the conservative fallout around it won't be that surprising. Still, it reminds me on a smaller scale of the similar sort of "fading star" treatment the Rev. Jesse Jackson got from Democratic Party leaders after his presidential runs were all done and nobody seemed to know what a Jesse Jackson should be doing if not running for president.

Many wanted him to run for mayor of Washington, D.C., which at the time was still struggling with longtime mayor Marion Barry's much-documented troubles with cocaine and extramarital affairs. But in 1989, as a potential Jackson mayoral bid loomed, the always-quotable Barry issued perhaps the most stinging zinger ever landed against the civil rights icon when he told a reporter: "Jesse don't wanna run nothin but his mouth."

Jackson's influence slipped further in 2001 with news that he'd fathered a child by a woman with whom he'd had an extramarital affair. He has since watched the younger Rev. Al Sharpton slip past him to become today's arguably most prominent civil rights activist, with a talk show on MSNBC and his own national organization.

It appears conservatives have a similar back-seat role in mind for Sarah Palin. With the exception of his much-publicized crude remark against then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008, Jackson seems to have taken it with quiet grace. It remains to be seen if Sarah Palin is willing to go as gently into that good night.

--Eric Frazier


Jake L said...

One doubts Sarah Palin has any interest in slipping away. She's never seemed to care what the mainstream (fill in the blank of any organization she feels has wronged her) thinks. That's both what makes her appealing to people and why she can never have power: She has no interest in working with anyone who can help her get what she pretends she wants. Anyone interested in constructive conversation and consensus building are better served to let Palin say whatever she wants ... and ignore her when she says it.

Larry said...

Oh look the observer is now in the business of telling us who is viable in the conservative arena.

I guess it is not working since they championed the liberals running for office and the take over by Republicans happened.

But then again they are doing a last ditch effort for 2016. Especially since none of the democrats are viable and should go softly into that night.

Oh wait, I see why they do it, it just feels good even though you know it has no real value.

Ed McDonald said...

One big difference between Jesse and Palin is that Jesse can speak in complete sentences.

Fred Johnson said...

She looks like she is using John Boehner's makeup artist; her skin texture is not quite as orange but "it don't look natural..."

The content of her speech was kind of like Jesse Ventura mated with Cruella DeVille. Bizarre-

Come to think of it, she should run with Jesse Ventura- they would dominate the Psycho Vote.

John said...

Oh, look, Larry Bumgarner (sp) is back. However; his trademark comments are unmistakable.

As for Palin, does anyone really care? I really feel sorry for her.

Bussta Brown said...

Where is the comparison between Rev. Jackson and Palin? More accurately, it should have been titled as a Jesse Jackson put down article.

Ghoul said...

Well I see poor wittle Eric deleted my comment. What's wrong Eric, truth hurts.

Again my comment "The Token has spoken."

Hey Eric, might coincidental that one black retires and the best canidate to replace her is another black. But hey, maybe you were the best man for the job. Or not, who knows.

Cornelia said...

Ghoul, you must really be proud of yourself. You win the Cheap Shot Award hands down. But, what is one to do when he's so empty headed that he has nothing in his brain to share.

Larry said...

Is a better day had than hearing the anger from a liberal.

Thanks John 10:02PM

I am sure we have some other liberals with just as low a threshold as John for honesty on here.

So post how wrong I am, it will make me so happy.

And be sure to spell out my name, you all know how I like to see my name.

Such a delightful day. Thanks.

Ghoul said...

Well Cornelia, it was between him and Langston Wertz, I would have gone with the sports guy myself or possibly they could have added a conservative voice to the editorial board, you know, to try to mirror some of their readership. But we all know they don't care about that, look at the massive subscription expansion under the current format!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ghoul, for the record, I wasn't the one who took your comment down. I've been called a lot worse than 'token' before lol. Your comment can stand, far as I'm concerned. Free country, dude. Within reason, of course. said...

I really think that public figures especially public office holders should serve as exemplary figures to the masses and don't how how controversial figures get into public offices. Thats insane