Thursday, February 26, 2009

How bad is it? Bad!

It may be time to panic. The state budget crisis is so bad, apparently, that Sen. Marc Basnight, powerful president pro tem of the Senate, may go along with cuts to a signature cultural attraction in his district.

Gov. Bev Perdue has asked agencies for spending cuts of 9 percent for 2009-2011 and released a list of specific cuts she is recommending. On the list is funding for The Lost Colony, the outdoor drama in Manteo that began in 1937.

Basnight is notorious for protecting his turf. But he said it was fair to consider "The Lost Colony" along with other state programs.

Holy cow! This is serious.

- posted by Mary Schulken


Anonymous said...

The American People have yet to be told just how bad this crisis is but the worst is (by all accounts) still to come.

Anonymous said...

With this awful spending going on and the taxes it will take to pay for it, the crisis is still in the making. So sad that people think we have to simply spend to help the economy. We need to put people back to work. One way to to say companies can not send jobs overseas for half pay. Keep American jobs in the USA!

Anonymous said...

So bad, in fact, that our governor is taking money out of the lottery education fund to pay the state's bills. This is obscene!!!

Anonymous said...

Its so bad you can't flee to Canada nor Australia. They'll be worse off

Anonymous said...

Who bad is it? The fat lady is about to sing!