Friday, May 1, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards' tryst with the public

John Edwards had a tryst with Rielle Hunter, but now Elizabeth Edwards is using that to have a tryst with the public. Going through a private hell because your husband is one of the most high-profile cheaters in the nation? Go public! Write a book about it, go on Oprah, invite America into your bedroom. You might even make a few bucks off of it.

Elizabeth Edwards for a long time was a hugely sympathetic character on the U.S. political scene: her son died in a car accident, she suffered from cancer and her husband two-timed her. We still feel sorry for all that pain for her.

But she loses some of her public reputation when she keeps mum while her husband threatens the future of the Democratic Party by running for president with the Hunter affair lurking. Then she writes a memoir and schedules an Oprah visit to tease out some of the details. Elizabeth, we wish you had done us, yourself and your children a favor by staying above the fray.

- Posted by Taylor Batten


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So how affairs did Bill Clinton have that went public? Jennifer Flowers? Paula Jones? Monica Lewinsky? etc?

How many affairs to JFK have that were public? Marilyn Monroe? Alica Darr? Judith Campbell? etc?

Why is it any different that Elizabeth Edwards had cancer? She forgave her husband 100%. Even Hillary or Jackie didnt do that for their president husbands.

Was it OK for Bill Clinton to have his affairs because Hillary didnt have cancer? Was it OK for JFK to have his affairs because Jackie didnt have cancer?

Elizabeth Edwards is not even a millioneth as dammning and hypocritical as the pro Obama media continuing to disingeniously destroy John Edwards even a year later. Get over it. Your guy won and its over. OK? Stop rubbing Edwards in the mud. His wife is OK with him.

The media can make or break anybody they so choose. Way too much power for this kind of mindwash. The 1st amendment was never meant to gutterize free speech like this.

Why is so important that the 1st Lady not be so drab or unfit weight wise? Bushs wife was tiptop as was Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy.
Hillary Clinton was a well dressed scholar.
Carters wife was well dressed always as was Pat Nixon and Fords wife.

Who thinks Michelle Obama didnt help her husband? please ...
Cut the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

They are both liberal pond scum.

Anonymous said...

Piss on Edwards'

Anonymous said...

Lets dont forget that in the 30 year span Hollywood career of that great wonderful conservative GOP prez Ronald Reagan who married 2 actresses, was a wild partying drinking carousing womanizing playboy himself and was known to have many sex toy starlettes while single and married. Wonder how love children he bore in his lifetime.

We know LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Ford, Bush and Bush didnt have to worry about extra marital affairs since no other women would want them. Carter did admit to lust in his heart though when he interviewed with Playboy. Shame on you boy.

There are stories about Obama and a male prostitute named Larry Sinclair ...

No saints in the WH ever .. only sinners..