Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We wrote the caption

We couldn't resist playing with the photo that ran with today's story about Elizabeth Edwards' interview with Oprah Winfrey, scheduled to air on Thursday.

Other ideas?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why would it have been so terrible if Edwards were elected and later discovered he had an affair? Isnt that a bit hypocritical for the Obama media crowd?

Wouldnt want the DNC to be tainted with immorality? So sayeth the new bible thumper media police? We must label this the new pc selective morality insanity.

Isnt this whole thing a private spousal matter anyway like Bills or JFKs affairs?

What ever happened to the good ole fashioned liberal anything goes open minded mentality days? Are we getting a little weak here and becoming conservative religious right wing kooks? We know success always spoils and power corrupts.

Will the pc media now demand Ken Starr investigate John Edwards?

The Observer Editorial Board said...

You're a little behind the curve. John Edwards is already currently being investigated for possibly misusing campaign funds to either facilitate or cover-up the affair.
-- Kevin Siers

Anonymous said...

Yikez. Thats some def serious stuff dude. Its tough being behind the 8ball but sounds like BigO already has poor Johnny convicted and headed to the pokey. Hey, you dont mess with these cartoonists and pundits or you could sleep with da fishez but when will they quit the crayola and break loose on BarryO? Thats the real question.