Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GOP playing chicken with D'Annunzio

GOP leaders are all-in on fighting their own Tim D'Annunzio. It's a risky strategy that will either save them headaches or put egg all over their face.
D'Annunzio, an outspoken conservative, faces former sports anchor Harold Johnson in the June 22 Republican primary in the 8th Congressional District. A few days ago, N.C. Republican Party chairman Tom Fetzer categorically dismissed D'Annunzio as unfit to hold any public office, a rare and stark denunciation of a candidate from his own party.
Today, the five N.C. Republicans in Congress came out united against D'Annunzio, saying Johnson offers the best chance for a Republican victory in November against Democrat Larry Kissell. That kind of unity is unusual, and was notable because a few of them -- Reps. Patrick McHenry, Sue Myrick and Virginia Foxx come to mind -- don't exactly represent the liberal wing of the Republican Party.
Two scenarios could play out now. Johnson could beat D'Annunzio. Fetzer and the Republican establishment would let out a long whistle of relief. Or D'Annunzio could ride an anti-establishment mood and a low turnout to victory over Johnson. That would be humiliating for Republican leaders and would give Kissell endless material for 30-second ads in the fall.
Stay tuned!
-- Posted by The Observer editorial board


Larry said...

Do what I did go ahead and join the Unaffiliated ranks.

After being a Rep my whole life, I realized I always voted for the person anyway, and both parties are only designed to protect the hot shots, and of course get control of the spending rights.

We are the fastest growing group of voters in the country.

And yes I am a Tea Party member.

Edge - PA said...

Unaffiliated is the way to go.

And No I am not a Tea Party Member

Bill said...

Libertarian here
Government at best governs least -
Thomas Jefferson
He who prefers security to freedom deserves neither - Ben Franklin

Larry said...

Edge - PA said... Unaffiliated is the way to go. And No I am not a Tea Party Member May 25, 2010 4:24 PM

I hope you at least drive a Honda Pilot!


In God we trust said...

This guy is a Total Freak!! freak freak!! i watched him on tv lastnite and confirmed my suspicions!! i would not trust a penny to him!! If he gets the nomination from the Gop I will Vote Democratic!!

heavymetal said...

I smell a rat-- I think he's a manufactured candidate.
Because were it not for his "Tea Party" links-- someone with his background would never have gotten this far in a Republican primary. No way.
Either the Tea Partiers are drinking the "kool-aid" or they are allowing someone to drive under the influence of it.

Sam said...

Hey nice job Observer. You have now had a negative story about a Conservative or a Republican on the front page for 8 straight days. Keep up the good work. Your bias is becoming more and more obvious (if that is possible).

Charlotte Observer - "We Luv Libs"

Lana said...


What "tea party links" does Tim D have, other the ones that Ugly Jim Morrill has tried to manufacture? Matthew Ridenhour of the Charlotte tea party movement explicitly stated that the Charlotte Tea Party did NOT endorse ANY candidate in the D8 primary or the runoff.

annnort said...

I wonder how much this guy paid the Observer writer? First, he is not the Tea Party guy. Second, he is not the Republican pick, either. Actually, Kissell has done a good job the last 2 years. He has voted like his constituents wanted, not like the dems wanted. If he were in my district, I would vote to send him back. At least I would know whose side he was on!

heavymetal said...

Lana-- D'Annunzio's not exactly shunned the endorsements of the Tea Party and their affiliate groups in NC, has he?

To me, the oddest thing about this candidate is that he seems to be a caricature of a lot of negative stereotypes.

Lana said...


What "endorsements" of D'Annunzio against Johnson are you speaking of? I asked for SPECIFICS and you haven't provided ANY. Do you just believe the drivel that Ugly Jim Morrill spouts out without thinking or verifying for yourself? Do you find it the least bit suspicious that NONE of Jim Morrill's articles have ACTUAL QUOTES from Tea Party leaders?

Here's the TRUTH that UGLY JIM MORRILL and the LIARS at the Disturber won't tell you:

On Wednesday, Harold Johnson, Republican Candidate for the 8th Congressional District, announced the endorsement of six key players in the Tea Party movement: Craig Nannini, Mecklenburg County Tea Party Leader; Rev. Russ Fincham, Tea Party Patriot activist from Rockingham; Corey Thompson, Co-Founder of CAUTION (“Common Americans United To Inspire OUR Nation”), Tea Party activist, and candidate for Mecklenburg County Commission At Large; Tariq Bokhari, Charlotte Political Activist and Tea Party Organizer; Kristie Chapman, Tea Party speaker and conservative blogger; and Lori Stadler, Former Communications Chairwoman for We the People of Cabarrus County, a group that endorsed D’Annunzio prior to the May 4th primary.

Here's the link to the article from which the above is quoted, WITH QUOTES FROM LIVING, BREATHING, TEA PARTY LEADERS: