Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cost of N.C. High School Diploma? $142,027

The conservative Civitas Institute released a new report today on the cost of a high school diploma in North Carolina. The average cost? $142,027 to educate one student through high school, the report says.

But costs vary according to where you live, the study shows. The highest cost was $265,395 to educate a child in Tyrrell County Schools. The lowest was $100,736 to educate a child in Randolph County.

In Wake County, the state's largest school system, the cost was calculated to be $123,006. In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the state's second largest school system, it was $153,703.

To see the report and its methodology, go to


JT Lancer said...

And what does this $142,000 education qualify the average graduate for? An $8 per hour job at a fast food restaurant? Not a very good return on investment.

Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

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