Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are we coddling the super-rich?

Super-rich guy Warren Buffett thinks so. In a Sunday New York Times column that's been appearing in Opinion pages and online sites across the country, Buffett says that he (and his super-rich friends) are ready to pay taxes like they did in the 1990s.

The piece doesn't really break new ground for Buffett, who has been trying to give away his money in op-ed columns for some time now. But it's prompted some buzz in the wake of our debt stalemate in Washington.

Predictably, President Barack Obama thinks Buffett is right about taxes.

Also predictably, Samuel Gregg disagrees in the conservative National Review Online.

The Wall Street Journal's Robert Frank doesn't know how much difference such tax increases really would make.

CNN notes that Buffett isn't the only super-rich guy calling for tax increases.

And in Forbes, Peter Baker says we won't get ahead by taxing Buffett more. But Jennifer Aniston? Well...

- Peter St. Onge


Peter Reilly said...

Sometimes people spell my name Riley which is understandable. Even though it is Peter Reilly. How you got to Baker I don't know, but I appreciate the mention anyway.