Friday, January 6, 2012

Romney surges in new S.C. poll

The state that helped bury Mitt Romney in 2008 is apparently willing to give him another chance.

Romney took a commanding lead in South Carolina in a Time/CNN/ORC poll released moments ago. The survey of likely primary voters has Romney at 37 percent, Rick Santorum at 19 and Newt Gingrich dropping 25 points since December to sit at 18 percent. Ron Paul placed fourth with 12 percent, with Rick Perry at 5 and Jon Huntsman 1.

Romney 37 percent is a 17-point gain since early December, with Santorum gaining 15 percent. There's still plenty of potential for more swings, with 49 percent of those surveyed saying they might change their minds.

Romney finished a distant fourth in South Carolina in 2008 before dropping out three weeks later, and the conservative state is likely a last stand for the Mitt alternatives. A convincing Romney victory here would pretty much cinch his nomination.

Photo: Mitt Romney was joined by U.S. Sen. John McCain and Gov. Nikki Haley at a rally at Charles Towne Landing in Charleston on Thursday.  TIM DOMINICK -

Peter St. Onge


Gadsden1791 said...

amazing that so called republicans are supporting a candidate that passed a universal healthcare program and was pro choice.

Veronica said...

Right on Observer. How dare anyone run against the Chosen One.

Anyone who says we should even have an election in November is racist!

Wiley Coyote said...

St. Onge....your O-Pinion links are messed up again.....