Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is McCrory ducking no-tax pledge?

Will Republican Pat McCrory pledge not to raise taxes if he's elected governor?

You would think it's a political no-brainer, but maybe not.

Last week, national Republicans and the McCrory campaign jumped on their opponent, Democrat Walter Dalton, for declining to pledge not to raise any taxes under any circumstances. But when asked whether they would make that pledge, the McCrory campaign wouldn't be pinned down.

On July 24, the McCrory campaign and the Republican Governors Association separately trumpeted a quote from Dalton's interview with WECT in Wilmington. Asked by the station's Jon Evans whether he could promise not to raise taxes as governor, Dalton said: "No, I would not make that type of promise." He went on to list some taxes he voted to cut when he was in the state Senate, then acknowledged, "I have voted to increase some taxes. I think you have to look at where you are in time and what can happen." (You can watch the clip here.)

Music to the McCrory campaign's ears, and they promptly made an online ad using Dalton's quote.

So I asked the McCrory campaign if this meant that McCrory would pledge not to raise taxes as governor.

Press Secretary Ricky Diaz responded: "Unlike Lt. Governor Dalton, Pat has outlined his economic vision for the state and he calls for tax relief and tax reform, not tax increases. Pat also disagrees with Lt. Governor Dalton's proposed plan to continue Governor Perdue's never-ending 'temporary' tax increase."

Not exactly yes or no on whether McCrory would rule out any tax increases. So I asked again. Diaz and the campaign never responded in the week since.

Making a blanket pledge against raising taxes regardless of what comes an executive's way is bad policy -- not to mention politically dicey. Just ask the first President George Bush. McCrory himself, of course, championed a half-cent sales tax increase for light rail as mayor. Regardless, if you're not willing to make the pledge, then it's hypocritical to hit your opponent for doing the same thing.

-- Taylor Batten


SeaShark said...

TAYLOR BATTEN: You're wasting your time waiting for a direct answer to a direct question from Ricky Diaz. The always evasive Diaz learned from the best---Pat McCrory, whose hypocrisy has no limits.

Jerry Woodrow said...

You know what you're getting with Walter Dalton, a tax and spend my money democrat. But, Pat McCrory ignored a legitimate vote by residents of Meck. county to build a new arena for a billionaire to play basketball in with taxpayer money. Choose your poison.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jerry, Pat is so evil for ignoring the binding vote and building the arena. If only they had said up-front that the referendum was non-binding, and if only the local government could be set up so that only the city council can authorize spending and the mayor could do nothing but veto a bill he hates, and if only they had left the roads and schools money alone and tried to fund this evil arena with tourism taxes.

Oh, wait... they did say from the start that the referendum was non-binding. And.. oh, the Charlotte government IS set up so the spending plans are decided by the legislature, and the mayor has no vote except a veto. And... and... wait a minute... The arena WAS built with tourism taxes that, by law, can't be spent on anything but tourist stuff.

Yeah, you're right. It's all Pat's fault that a building you don't like got built.

Coming soon to an O-Pinion blog post near you: Jerry Woodrow explains how the Ice Age of 14,000 years ago was caused by the burning of fossil fuels by American Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Without the downtown TW Arena, I wonder if Charlotte could have landed another NBA franchise, the CIAA, a rotating spot for the ACC Championship (possible permanent home), and a DNC convention?? McCrory and Wheeler made the right decision for Charlotte and were willing to put political expediency to the side. Refreshing.

Mike Bishop7 said...

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