Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'No' to Helms building; thumbs up to McCrory

A new Public Policy Polling survey is good news for incoming Gov. Pat McCrory. He has a high favorability rating among N.C. voters with 53 percent having a favorable opinion of him, and just 25 percent with an unfavorable view. That's a stark contrast to outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue's marks as she exits the governor's mansion. Only 35 percent approve of her job performance while a whopping 52 percent disapprove.

The Republican-controlled legislature has nothing to crow about in that regard. According to this poll, about the same percent - 51 percent of voters - disapprove of its performance. An even lower percent approve - just 15 percent. The rest - 34 percent - aren't sure of its performance. And by party, the voting public gives higher unfavorables to Republicans; 51 percent have an unfavorable view of N.C. Republican lawmakers and 33 percent have a favorable view. Of Democrats in the legislature, 45 percent of voters have an unfavorable view to 38 percent with a favorable of their performance.

The legislature has some work to do to restore public confidence in their work. McCrory's leadership could help in that regard, given the favorability he enjoys going into office even among Democrats - this poll shows 33 percent favorable ratings to 35 percent unfavorables from the Dems. He scores well with independents as well - 50 percent favorable to 31 percent unfavorable. But the poll also shows voters aren't keen on how McCrory's handling his transition. They don't agree with his decision to remain employed at Moore & Van Allen: 51 percent think that McCrory's continued employment at a law firm that lobbies the state represents a conflict of interest to only 31 percent who think it is not. And 54 percent think he should resign his job immediately; 25 percent don't. Even independents have problems with his decision: 51 percent think its a conflict while 36 percent don't, and 54 percent think he should resign immediately and 36 percent don't.
This editorial board didn't see it as a problem during his transition. But clearly, McCrory has to be careful not to start off an image in the public's eye of not caring about what they view as conflicts. He should move quickly in tying up loose ends with his employer, and as soon as possible sever ties and focus on his new job which will be more challenging than he can imagine.

The PPP poll took aim at the naming of a federal building after Jesse Helms controversy, and those surveyed were clear: Only 31 percent of North Carolinians think the Post Office in downtown Raleigh should be renamed after Jesse Helms; 48 percent said no. African Americans were most adamant, with just 14 percent favoring to 61 percent opposed. But even white voters were against it - 44 percent, with just 36 percent in favor. Even among Republicans there's only 44 percent support for it, while 60 percent of Democrats oppose.

What do you think?

Find more poll results at the PPP site.


WashuOtaku said...

The post office is a mute point, that will be decided in Washington, not in North Carolina.

Idlewild said...

I did not know a post office could talk. It may be a moot point however.

Anonymous said...

The fact that voter confidence is at an all time low nationwide should be a wake up call to legislators everywhere. We need true statesmen in office again, not more politicians. Mr. McCrory is a politician so don't expect anything glamorous to happen on his watch.

Wiley Coyote said...

Let's name the building after Louis Farrakhan.

Democrats love him...should pass easily.

Europeanexpat said...

Are those the same A-A's who graduate high school at fifty-some percent rate?

bobcat99 said...

I don't understand naming a federal Post Office for Helms. If he were here, he would defund the Postal Service. If you want to honor Helms, I don't think this is the way to do it.

I think we should give Pat a chance, though I am disappointed in his decision to keep his job and his alliance with Art Pope, NC's version of the Koch brothers.

bobcat99 said...
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