Monday, December 10, 2012

Poll: S.C. voters want Sen. Stephen Colbert

We think this is funny, but we're not sure it's supposed to be: 

A Public Policy Polling survey of South Carolina voters shows that comedian Stephen Colbert tops the wish list of who South Carolina voters would like Gov. Nikki Haley to appoint as a replacement for the departing Jim DeMint.

Haley, with an appropriate wink, already has nixed that possibility.

The PPP survey had no such tongue in cheek. Colbert, who got 20 percent of the nods in the PPP survey, was followed by Tim Scott at 15%, Trey Gowdy at 14%, Jenny Sanford at 11%, Henry McMaster and Mark Sanford at 8%, Jeff Duncan and Joe Wilson at 5%, and Mick Mulvaney at 4%.

Haley, who ranks 35th in popularity among the 43 sitting governors PPP has polled, might want to consider appointing a potential threat to her job. Says PPP's Tom Jensen: "Jenny Sanford ...really could probably get elected to office if she wanted to. 44% of voters have a favorable opinion of her to only 25% with a negative one and her popularity holds true across party lines. She's at 48/21 with Republicans, 43/31 with Democrats, and 39/26 with independents."

Peter St. Onge


drummerboi said...

Stephen Colbert is a fictional character on Comedy Central. Stephen Colbert, civilian, would be an excellent Senator. He has after all testified before Congress before, both in character and out. His personal politics however are not the same as his character, leaning more towards Libertarian, and the older Bible belt crowd in SC would not have it.

J said...

A Comedy Central comedian as a Senator? Seriously?

If you're wondering why the stereotype that Southerners are stupid is still alive, you need look no further than this.

Karen said...

Having moved to SC from MN, I don't see this as so bizarre. I mean, really, who ever would have thought a state would elect a wrestler as GOVERNOR?

Unknown said...

Does Alvin Greene ring a bell with anyone? He garnered more democratic votes than most who run. Heck I'd take him over Mel Watt anyday.

Garth Vader said...

That PPP Poll is a joke, as it leaves out the choice of Senator Tom Davis.

Why do pollsters and media elites think they get to pick our candidates for us? What arrogance!