Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bill James' surprising vote for county manager

Here's an interesting twist related (sort of) to the Kim Ratliff story. Mecklenburg commissioner Bill James says he was the only Republican and one of only two white commissioners to initially vote for Harry Jones, who is black, as county manager back in 2000.

James tells us he was the swing vote, joining with three black Democrats -- Jim Richardson, Darrel Williams and Norman Mitchell -- and white Democrat Lloyd Scher in a closed-session 5-4 vote to name Jones county manager. Four others -- Democrats Parks Helms, Becky Carney, Maggie Markey and Republican Tom Cox -- initially voted for other candidates, James says. Eventually the board came together and voted unanimously for Jones.

James, known for making controversial racial comments over the years, has raised concerns, along with many others, over Ratliff telling WBTV that she wants to hire someone other than a white male to replace Jones, whom the board ousted last month. "The point of this walk down memory lane," James said in an email, "is to point out that while Kim sees fit to exclude white males, I was actually one of only two white members that actually supported a black candidate."

Ratliff now says she'd welcome any candidates and that her words were taken out of context. It was an inappropriate comment, to be sure, and commissioners will discuss the legal ramifications with County Attorney Marvin Bethune on Tuesday.   

-- Taylor Batten



John said...

Claiming to have been "taken out of context..." tends to be the last refuge of scoundrels!

Wiley Coyote said...

I see race hustler Fannie Flono has kept her mouth shut over this.

I have also not seen any outrage by her or the Observer regarding Ratliff, Mayfield, Leake and Cogdell believing Louis Farrakhan is "doing God's work".

Typical Observer and liberals. Never learned how to throw a rock through their glass house.

Reggie Mantle said...

If you've ever worked for Mecklenburg County then you know that Ratliff's comments are hardly unusual.

I worked for the library system for many years. Hiring and promoting decisions were heavily pressured from the top for their race and gender statistical outcomes. The HR director openly declared in a public meeting that the library was "too white at the top." We were to hire, fire and promote accordingly.

So, I'm not sure why Ratliff's comments are surprising to anyone. It's par for the course in Mecklenburg County government.

CharlotteObserver said...

I once saw a politician, in England, say during a political debate: The Gentleman has the manners of a Pig. At which point the person being described said objection, objection. That is when the politician then said I stand corrected the Gentleman does not have the manners of a Pig.

This article of yours, has taken the art of insulting even beyond that ream (ream not rheum or realm, spelling intentional).

Once again you have displayed the art of insulting James by painting him once again with your toxic brush under again a guise that he is just what you wish to report and when on any politician.

Something you never do with all the favored groups and politicians or folks in general with your ideas and support you.

Strange how you go to Bill James for the real and honest numbers on important matters when you need him. So remember why he get reelected with out you help each time.

BiBr said...

Amazing! Kim Ratliff lets a huge racist remark rip and the CO handles her with kid gloves - almost making an excuse for her. Bill James on the other hand gets slammed no matter what the man tries to say. CO this the sort of thing that makes me have little to no respect for your professionalism and journalistic integrity.

micoz said...

Ratliff must be eliminated from deliberations on a new county manager, be publicly censured, and then be stripped of her vice-chairmanship by her fellow commissioners.

Anything less leaves the stink of someone who sounds like Virgil Griffin or Bull Connor on all of them.