Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are Republicans turning on Aldona Wos?

Every time some Democrat calls on Gov. Pat McCrory to fire Aldona Wos, the governor probably gets a little more entrenched in support of his embattled Health and Human Services secretary. The last thing the governor is going to do is fire one of his leading appointees -- and one he has endlessly defended -- just because his political enemies urge him to.

But what if the governor's fellow Republicans turn on Wos? That would seem to change the equation. And according to a new poll out today, it's happening. The survey from Public Policy Polling found that Republicans think Wos needs to go, even more overwhelmingly than Democrats do. Republicans think Wos should be fired by a 41 percent to 12 percent margin (with the rest undecided). That's more animosity toward Wos than that shown by Democrats, who want her fired by a 37-17 split. Overall, close to half of respondents didn't have an opinion on the question, but 38 percent think she should be replaced to only 14 percent who think McCrory should keep her on.

Those numbers might indicate that Republicans are tired either of all the mistakes at DHHS under Wos or are tired of the political damage they're doing to the administration. The poll results follow comments from some Republican legislators -- including Mecklenburg's Sen. Jeff Tarte -- that indicate some exasperation with the drip-drip-drip of miscues at DHHS.

McCrory calls Wos brilliant and says she's fixing problems that began under Democratic administrations. But with every misstep, the volume of calls to replace her will increase -- and not just from Democrats.

-- Taylor Batten


Devil Dog 1775 said...

Are we a nation governed by polls? McCrory is showing true leadership by not buckling to the whims of the slobserver's henchman, TB...

Anyone who has been following this story knows Wos said that the children will be issued new cards with new Medicaid numbers, and that the agency will monitor the affected accounts for potential fraud.

How does this compare to "You can keep your Doctor" or "You can keep your plan", or "It was a movie that caused our ambassadors death"!

And are we correct in saying that the left is pummeling the Governor and his people for a computer glitch in a new software program? Hmmm, where have I heard that before? Hey libs, can you say Sibelius?

Go'on and get a life and quit ruinin my day!

Jeff Henson said...

Taylor, you left out one other explanation as to why more Republicans than Democrats want Aldona Wos fired. Despite your tireless crusade, most voters have no idea who she is, but they hear government official, health and fired all in the same sentence and reflexively say yes.


copdsux said...

Not just incumbent to this problem, is the fact that most citizens remain woefully uninformed. As I've Heard said: There are three kinds of people: folks that make things happen, people that watch what happened, and(the largest group) those that woner what happened.

copdsux said...

The 3rd from last word should be wonder.

Patrick McDowell said...
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Sam Wise said...

neoconservatives fit with cronyism like peanut butter and jelly