Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Advice from Mike: Don't imitate

Speaking of hoops, the “king” had something to say on the subject to ESPN.The Magazine recently.

Not college hoops. Michael Jordan waxed wise to the NBA and its players about trying to invent the next MJ or Magic or Bird.

“One thing to learn from me is everything I’ve ever done has been me, not something that someone calculated me to be. It goes to my upbringing, my parents...

“Too many of the league’s decisions are based on the bottom line. People pick up on that. You can’t be afraid to fail. The stars you have now might not live up to the icon of a Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, but maybe they will create an image that delivers an impact for you 10, 15 years from now.

“All I know is – for the league and its players – don’t try to duplicate something that has been done before. Do it your own way, and see where it goes. It might not hit the way you want it to. You may not make as much money as you want to. But there’s value in remaining true to yourself.”

Mike, the businessman, could be talking about more than basketball.


eye_dee_ten_tea said...

...which explains the lackadaisical Bobcats how?