Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McCrory takes the lead

Today's update of Public Policy Polling's weekly Republican tracking poll:

"After falling into a tie last week with Fred Smith in the Republican race for Governor, Pat McCrory is back on top, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling. McCrory is at 27% in the poll, followed by Smith at 24%. Bill Graham (8%), Bob Orr (7%), and Elbie Powers (1%) are further back.

A key difference for McCrory between this week and last is that he has taken the lead over Smith in the Triangle, 29-26. Besides Charlotte, that is the only area of the state where McCrory leads, and it comes on the heels of pretty intensive TV advertising in the market over the last few weeks."
The full poll results and PPP's analysis can be found here.

Have you seen McCrory's ads? What do you think of them?


poolman said...

I went and cleaned a pool today. I didn't need to add water, but i attatched my leaf eater to the water hose, and used the water pressure to suck up the leaves in the pool at the million dollar house. Tomorrow, I will go to the same neighborhood and take apart a cartridge filter, and clean the cartridges with, you guessed it, the water hose. so i'm doing fine in the pool business. Meanwhile, my brothers in the landscaping industry can't run a spinkler. why is that?

Anonymous said...

But how many independents in that poll will be too busy taking the other ticket in the primary so they may influence the race for President?