Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perdue's Endorsement

If you’re a Democrat or independent in North Carolina who wants to see more women in top political offices, the May 6th primary offers a double shot at success. In addition to Hillary Clinton, Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, a first. Her major opponent is Richard Moore, state treasurer.

Fifty-one percent of Tar Heel residents are women, according to the 2006 U.S. Census estimate. So it’s appropriate (and about time) to have a woman among the choices for the state’s top elected office. Lt. Gov. Perdue is not shy about pointing that out. Yet this week she endorsed Barack Obama as the party nominee.

So, is North Carolina’s woman candidate a traitor to the “cause”? Is this a strategy to draw African-American votes to her campaign? Or is she an independent thinker?
What do you think?


Gene said...

A typical politician who will do or say anything that will help her get elected or reelected.

Brian said...

She is simply exercising her right to choose the candidate whose views she can identify with.

Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't identify with OBAMA's social beliefs. These clips were just released.
In light of the video clips of OBAMA's pastor speaking in church (or should I call it a club since he uses profanity), Michele Obama's remarks can be seen as the beliefs of their church. I truly believed the Republicans were holding this for when OBAMA was nominated (and that is why they want OBAMA and NOT Clinton) and then releasing the clips of his offensive and despicable sermons of HATE. It was released yesterday since OBAMA has been baiting the race card in South Carolina, then with Bill, then Ferraro.

Venita said...

She waited until it was safe and there was nothing to lose. Typical politician.

Adrian DeVore said...

She can endorse whomever she wants for President or any other office. It's her personal choice.

Anonymous said...

If Obama gets the Dem nomination, I will vote for McCain.

I can't believe how the country has bought into this empty suit because he speaks like a pastor.

He is a total poser and Ferraro was 100% right and I applaud her.

She was right about Jesse Jackson in 1984 and if you want to call me racist, then go ahead. I know that I am not and I know that Obama and his supporters are. The USA is being destroyed by political correctness and I'm sick of it.

If HRC doesnt get the nomination, I bet you dollars to doughnuts that McCain will win in a landslide because I know others feel like me but don't want to be branded as a "racist". Disgusting.

When the booth is drawn closed, they will vote their inner heart and Barack Obama will lose and lose BIG.

Darren said...

Why does electing somebody on the basis of gender or race have to be a "cause"? Shouldn't selecting a leader be based on their qualifications and stances on policy issues? Why is gender or race an issue?

Anonymous said...

If I were her I wouldn't have told anyone who I supported. Whoever the nominee in the Democratic Party is going to be there is going to be backlash from the supporters of the opponent.