Thursday, July 3, 2008

Easley: OMG! Sexism! N.C.: LOL!!!!

Gov. Mike Easley earns $135,000 a year. He now officially makes less than his wife, Mary, whose new role at N.C. State University vaulted her salary from $90,000 to $170,000 July 1.
That amazing raise has Tar Heel eyebrows shooting high as July 4th bottle rockets and tongues wagging harder than Rover’s hindparts.
Now the gov has called critics of his wife out. He says it's sexism.

Read about it here. Watch the video here.
Sexism! OMG!
LOL!!!! governor.
Governor, your wife’s salary is more than four times what the average North Carolina household earns a year, according to the Census. Her raise alone is double what the average household earns. That - not sexism - is the issue.

What do you think? Would we blink twice if a man got that kind of pay boost?


Frank Burns said...

Hmm, does the fact that she is married to the govenor have any bearing on the raise? It is disgraceful to give her that kind of raise just to increase her retirement. I've written my state senator and representative asking for the raise to be removed. This is disgraceful. In addition, she needs to repay the state treasury for the excessive costs she and her entourage spent in Europe.