Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh, so that's what Mary Easley will do

Exactly what will First Lady Mary Easley do at N.C. State University to earn $170,000 a year?

And what has she done well enough in the past there to earn her an $80,000 a year raise?
Bring well-known speakers to town, among other things.
This statement today from Provost Larry Nielson sheds more light on the details of Ms. Easley’s role, and her high-rolling salary.
It also gives N.C. State’s take on why her new role and raise missed scrutiny by the UNC Board of Governors, which oversees the state’s 16 universities.
Here's the link.
Here are excepts:
“Over the past two years, Mrs. Easley has built the Millennium Seminar
series into a highly visible and well-received program, having brought to campus
national figures such as David Gergen, Robert Reich, Charlie Rose, Senator
Lindsey Graham, Donna Shalala and others. Speakers already arranged by Mrs.
Easley for this coming academic year include former senator Bill Bradley and
NCAA President Myles Brand.

Having someone of Mrs. Easley's background presented us with an excellent
opportunity to take our Public Safety Leadership Initiative and Administrative
Officers Management Program (AOMP) to the next level by creating a center.

Part of Mrs. Easley's new responsibilities will be to work broadly across
the university and the community to conceptualize, implement and direct a formal
Center for Public Safety Leadership. This center will, through teaching,
research and community engagement, develop best practices in the administration
and leadership of "first response"—the work of police, firefighters, port
officials, emergency medical personnel, homeland security official and

The creation of this center is consistent with our strategic plan priority
in public policy and with the goals of the University of North Carolina Tomorrow
initiative to enhance the capacity of North Carolina's communities and
government agencies. This is an opportunity for our university – and for Mrs.
Easley – to make a strong and favorable impact on a vital workforce

In addition to her work as center director, she will teach two classes
annually in the AOMP.In her new position, Mrs. Easley will also lead the
development of our academic programs relating to the legal professions. In this
capacity, she will co-coordinate our pre-law advising program, develop
collaborations with law schools in the region and institute a variety of
seminars, workshops and other events that support the significant number of our
students who want to pursue careers in the legal profession.

Mrs. Easley's appointment is subject to the approval of the UNC Board of

Historically, NC State has interpreted Board of Governors policy to mean
that salary increases associated with fixed-term appointments such as the one
offered to Mrs. Easley do not require Board of Governors approval.

UNC General Administration has advised us that our interpretation of board
policy differs from theirs and that of other UNC institutions. Therefore, all
such affected contracts, including Mrs. Easley's, will be reviewed in the
ordinary course by the UNC Board of Governors at its next regularly scheduled


hmaniloff1 said...

Mrs. Easley's role is interesting, important, and consisten with NCSU's traditional orientation toward service to tghe State of North Carolina. Also interesting--and outrageous--is the way the State's two biggest, most powerful newspapers-the Observer and The Raleigh News & Observer--have played the role of bully for no discernible purpose ither than tosell more newspapers. Shame!

JT Lancer said...

What's the lesson here? Political connections will get you everywhere.