Friday, July 11, 2008

FFQ: Two principled (but opposite) men?

Welcome to Freaky Friday Quiz, an occasional feature you’ll see in The Daily Views when the heavy lifting gets too much and the weekend gets too close.
Today’s quiz comes with irony (check out definition 3(a).

A worker for the state of North Carolina who had to “retire” after refusing to lower the flag to honor the late Sen. Jesse Helms was acting on principle and taking the same kind of uncompromising stand that earned Helms such admiration, wasn’t he?

Read about it here.
Read what bloggers in Raleigh, Washington and New York are saying.

Now, what do you think? Weigh in, and feel free to use irony.


Tom said...

It's absurd that any flag should be lowered to "honor" a scumbag such as Helms. Half a million Americans didn't die fighting Hitler, just so we could salute fascist principles on our own soil.

Wes said...

Helms was principled. He took a lot of risk by often standing against popular opinion and his own party.

This clown who worked for the Dept of Agriculture wasn't risking anything since he was already eligible for retirement.