Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Best and Worst of Pat McCrory?

Mayor Pat may be zooming up the polls in his race for N.C. governor, but his local popularity is lagging a bit - at least among the "critics' panel/copywriters" and the readers of Charlotte's "Creative Loafing", a weekly news and entertainment tabloid. In it's recent 21st annual Best of Charlotte issue, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was named both the "Worst Member of Local Government" and the "Best Member of Local Government". The Creative Loafing staff and critics gave him the "Worst" title. But the readers picked him for "Worst" and "Best".

One pundit said he may have made both the best and worst in readers' minds because he may be the only local politician they've heard of. Could be.

At least, he didn't win this title: "Public official most in need of Tasering". The winner of that appellation? Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Kaye McGarry. Find the Best of Charlotte listings at http://www.charlotte.creativeloafing.com/.


namaste said...

After dealing with the local goverment offices recently I would vote for the WORST. I have lived all over the US and have never seen so much ineptness in my life. It scared me. Now I know why there is so much crime in Charlotte. I have never been a political person but something has to change. Vote Mcrory out of office.

zeezil said...

Creative Loafing? And we're supposed to believe we're going to get fair and balanced coverage of a conservative politician from the pundits at Creative Loafing? Give me a break!!!

The only smart choice for governor of NC, is Pat. Especially if you want to break the stranglehold of Raleigh and the disdain they show for the Charlotte region and the western part of our state.