Tuesday, September 2, 2008

David to see Arianna Huffington, Ron Paul

From David McKee, 15, of Waxhaw, who is at the Republican National Convention as part of the Junior Statesmen of America:
"Yesterday (Monday) afternoon we were at the Xcel Energy Center for the abreviated convention. Cindy McCain and Laura Bush spoke briefly. I did not get a warm impression of Mrs. McCain. Most of the focus was on Hurricane Gustav. I feel like maybe that was so the Republican Party would get good publicity. The shortened business portion of the meeting went by faster than any meeting I have attended. A motion would be made, the ayes taken, and then they would call for the nays but give no time for a nay to be heard. Then on to the next motion.

While we were outside the convention center waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel, I was approached by a reporter to do an interview. The reporter from Current TV, my favorite channel, wanted to interview me!! We were leaving, so I gave him my card and he said he would contact me to set up an interview. I hope so, because I would really like that. we had to go back to the hotel because the evening of speakers at the convention was cancelled due to the hurricane.

When we got to the hotel, after dinner Junior Statesmen had arranged for David Mark, from Politico.com, to speak to us. He talked about what he does and what Politico.com is about. Basically, he analyzes the strategies and logistics of politics and campaigns. It was a very interesting and educational evening for me. I didn't know about Politico.com before, so now I have a new site to go to so that I can learn more about this election.

As had happened in Denver, this morning we missed the delegates' breakfast because people overslept. This is extremely disappointing for me. I really wanted to get to talk to delegates from North Carolina. However I am very glad that we made the delegate breakfast yesterday, and we were able to get floor passes. I think that the next presidential election in 2012, I am going to try and become a delegate myself. So today we will go right to the speakers program that Junior Statesmen has set up for us.

Today we are supposed to hear from Arianna Huffington. This afternoon, we are supposed to go to the Ron Paul alternative convention. That should be very interesting.