Thursday, September 4, 2008

David at RNC: Too much 'belittling'

Let's get right to Sarah Palin and her speech last night. I was not impressed. I felt that she made a lot of attacks, and many of them don't check out with the facts. She obviously had a speech prepared for her and had been rehearsed. I don't think in the future we will ever see her that well-versed again.

What strikes me while I am here is how very mean-spirited the Republicans are. This is much different than what I heard at the Democratic National Convention, which was more positive and hope filled. Here we have heard lots of attacks, belittling and put-downs. There's a lot of flag waving but not much about what the Republicans are actually proposing they would do.

Here is one thing they are saying. Last night on the floor they kept chanting "Drill, baby, drill". We can not drill are way out of this situation. Off-shore drilling is not going to help. It will do very little to help gas prices and energy independence. It would only lower gas prices about 3 cents and not for 10 years. We need to explore alternative energies of any and every kind that are not petroleum based. We especially need to explore energy options that are non-polluting. We need to free ourselves from Oil, Coal, and Gas. These three are depressing our economy and creating a modern-day depression.

She said last night that we should explore coal. This idea of clean coal is a myth. It isn't clean now. There is not currently technology to make it clean. Clean coal ads are deceptive. They are as dirty as the coal they mine. There is just no effective way to get the carbon out. Sarah Palin proudly talked about her pipeline for natural gas. There is nothing "natural" about it. It is a finite limited resource, and converting all our energy needs to a finite resource that will run out does not make sense.

Earlier in the day, our Junior Statesmen group heard from Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate. He talked about how he used to be a Republican but is now a Libertarian. He thinks that Republicans and Democrats are just different sides of the same coin. I don't think that is true, but he does.

Today in the Junior Statesmen speakers program we are to hear from Nancy Theis, Director of White House Correspondence. That should be interesting. And tonight of course is John McCain's speech. The RNC's program says that tonight's theme is "Peace". Hmmm.


JayDub said...

You shouldn't have been surprised by all the negativity and attacks from the Republicans. That's all they know how to do, and I have to say they've learned to do it very well over the last years throughout the Jesse Helms and Karl Rove eras. It's all about demonizing your opponents and trying to take their attention away from the failures of the GOP. Look at the last 8 years and what's happened to this country while the shrub has been in the White House. They certainly can't hold that up as a positive example, so they distract everyone with cheap shot attacks on the Democrats. Same story, different day. Yawn.

chupacabra said...

There are two ways to make yourself look good.

1. be good

2. make everyone else look bad

Just guess which option the Reps picked AGAIN.

Jan J said...

David, you write, "she obviously had a speech prepared for her an dfhad been rehearsed." Do you think your Democrats write their own speeches and don't rehearse? Obama has a staff of speechwriters. And you didn't hear one negative word or cheap shot at the Dems convention? I guess I was watching something different than you on TV. I was hoping for a blog that found the good and bad of each convention. That is interesting to me. But an "I love Dems, hate Republicans" blog is a mindless way to report.

Silverminer said...

That the observer chooses a child ("David") to "report" his opinion of national matters is telling.

It is not surprising, however. We've become a nation of whinning children. We've become a nation of "victims" unable to do for ourselves.

Pray tell, dear David, which "attacks" didn't match with which "facts" in Palin's -"obviously prepared" by someone else unlike ALL other candidates - speech?

"Mean spirited"? Did someone get their feelings hurt, David? Can we not take that which is dished out every day?

When nothing of substance (which is rarely if ever) can be argued, libs will seek to destroy by any means necessary. Check those facts and be honest if you can.

Look at the first "comment" in your blog. Our president, whether you agree with him or not, is reduced to a "shrub". And then those in the media cries about "our image" or "our standing" in the world.

Our's is a mean world, David. And in the country of ours, the sooner people realize that "doing for oneself" and not waiting on the treasures chest to open, the better.

Between the two major parties, the biggest difference is that one would give the fish out. The other would encourage people to learn to fish.

'Tis nothing negative about that.

Laura said...

David, I respect your comments and your blog. Those people who have posted and don't agree with you feel they must therefore attack you. Hmmmmm, wonder what party they support? I did not watch the Palin speech, but I have heard from many it was mean spirited. But we all know that Palin's speechwriters more than likely belonged to the Republican party. The problem I have with the McCain/Palin ticket is that they have not said what they would do for the middle class, healthcare, the housing crisis, alternative energy, etc. Also, there is alot of questions about Gov. Palin's experience and now the GOP is saying she will only be interviewed if and when they decide it is the right thing to do. Give me a break! Sounds like another cover up to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed both your conventions and learned alot that will help you as you go through life and politics! Good luck!

prof51plus said...

Grow up...this is politics. Cry in your beer or do something about it. We watched both conventions. That is how one gets informed. But blogging and thinking that is how you get informed shows the level of those blogging. Read for goodness sakes.

Watching both conventions gives one more to discuss that the crap you have written here. Get involved, get informed and then take the time to blather your smears. Your story may actually change once you are informed.

Write on something you did not watch...take 10th hand gossip on the contents, how very sad. Then to write on it....says a great deal of what you are and what you lack. You will also more than likely not vote and complain. Now that would not be a shock. Keep on blogging, but don't get informed, oh yea forget to vote too. Do us all a favor....

fwj said...

Sarah barracuda is the one who can dish it out but not take it. She complains about the media because she decided to exploit her own family, but when the media went after Hillary, she called Hillary a whiner and told her to get over it. Sarah Palin you get over it. When you made the decision to accept VP, you became fair game! And you are still being protected. We are 2 months away from an election and no one has a clue of who you really are. I believe outside of being a gun toting hockey mom, you are an extreme opportunist who will let nothing and no one stand in the way of your climb to power! Your insult to Community Organizers is far more destructive than anything Barack has ever said. Heaven help those who are effected by you.

David said...

To those that attacked David. Let's remember that this is a 15 year old teenager, not a seasoned politician. Let's also remember that this was on the editorial page, not the news page. An editorial is a place that allows you to express opinion and is not held to a standard of impartiality. So if you hard core right wing attackers really want to include the youth of this country in your future, perhaps you should attempt to learn from what you are communicating to them instead of attacking them for speaking the truth as they see it.

Stuart said...

That's right; this is an editorial by a 15 year-old. However, when any editorialist has his blinders on, and goes on the attack, he or she better expect to get it back. It is scary this kid is so far removed from reality. I guess that is why The Observer chose him. I still can't get over him saying the Democrats were not attacking Republicans during their convention. What was this kid watching; they both were on the attack.

Independant Voter said...

The only ones out of touch with reality are the attackers making these responses. Why are you so threatened by David's take on thing? Is it because he was there and sat through all of it, while you watched the sound bites on Fox? Is is because what you right wingers fear the most is Truth? No where did David say that the Dems where not attacking Rep. Too bad you re-frame what he actually said to suit your own agenda. But then that is what Republican Conservatives do. Distort what is said to suit their purposes. It is so ridiculous that in this country conservatives think that they can be nasty when ever they want and that no one can even point it out. This is the America you want to bring us. One view, your view, and censorship to be certain that it stays that way. Get over yourselves. After Eight disastrous years of your "Values" based administration the rest of us have had enough. If you feel smug and righteous by attacking a kid for simply pointing out your parties nasty ways, then that shows the world why your kind should not be in power.

Tag said...

Dear Left-Wingers and David. You attack just as much as anyone. You are mean-spirited as much as anyone. You are just as mis-informed as anyone. You are just as arrogant as anyone.
From what I saw of the conventions and read on the blog - the gap in reality was amazing. SHAME on the Observer for setting this kid up!
I tire of debate in America being Left says what they want, Right refutes, Left cries like baby and claims "hate," mean," and rhetoric. It gets old. If facts and ideas can't hold up your platforms then maybe its time for real change.