Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pat & Bev: Side by side in Charlotte?

"She can have the office right next to mine," quipped Pat McCrory, Charlotte's almost-governor mayor, in Monday's city council meeting.
He was talking about Democrat Bev Perdue, who bested McCrory, a Republican, Nov. 4 after a scrambling campaign to be North Carolina's governor. Nov. 4.
That's a gracious gesture for the loser of a close race to make - especially a race in which Perdue threw mud at Charlotte, McCrory's city, in order to drum up rural votes. We don’t know if McCrory was serious, but if he was, it could be the start of a lively relationship.
Here's what he was talking about: Perdue has said she will establish a governor's office in Charlotte and work there a few days a month. Charlotte City Council member Michael Barnes suggested the government center offer the governor empty space if it was available.
McCrory seconded that suggestion, then went one step further.
Was he kidding? Maybe he was thinking the governor might have a job for him …
Can't you just see Bev and her polished small-town cheerleader politician act side by side with Pat the city dude with his serious spectacles and his talk about the train?
­- Posted by Mary Schulken


Ed said...

Bev let us know exactly how she feels about us with the ads that ran in other parts of the state. It will be business as usual, Raleigh and the eastern half of the state will dominate everything and we'll have more 8 lane highways to nowhere down east.

If you voted for Bev don't open your mouth to complain about the condition of roads in our part of the state for the next few years.