Monday, October 17, 2011

Jeff Gordon Expressway coming?

Stretches of interstates are often named for aging politicians. But race car drivers? If Jeff Gordon drives 190 mph, does that mean you and we could go 190 mph on the Jeff Gordon Expressway?

I-85 from the Charlotte city limits to the Mecklenburg-Cabarrus County line could soon officially be named just that. Mecklenburg commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday night for a resoluti
on that would ask the N.C. DOT to post signs all along the route carrying the Sprint Cup Series driver’s name.

NASCAR officials came to Mecklenburg County with the idea. They say he deserves recognition for recently winning his 85th career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race and for his charitable work in Mecklenburg and the state. Gordon, 40, is the third-winningest driver in NASCAR history and lives in Mecklenburg County. He won his first NASCAR race in 1994 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The commissioners’ resolution says Gordon’s foundation has raised more than $7 million for children’s charities, particularly to help kids with cancer.

We’re all for it. We love former DOT board member Seddon “Rusty” Goode and former Gov. Jim Martin, but maybe it’s time to give notable names outside politics some road recognition as well.

Taylor Batten

What do you think? If you’re going to name a Mecklenburg interstate for a NASCAR driver, is Jeff Gordon the best pick?


hurricanes17 said...

Great idea

Ole Bones said...

I think that it is an excellent idea for all the reasons mentioned. The tie-in with his 85th win and Interstate 85 makes it that much more meaningful.

WashuOtaku said...

Mention this in the other blog on same story; I believe they should wait till Jeff Gordon retires first, he could still win more races and a silly tie-in for something of the moment would look silly later down the road. Typically roads and highways are named after people who's careers have already ended or long past their prime. I don't believe Jeff Gordon is there yet.

Bill said...

Exactly what we need should be doing: promoting a private recreational sport. Can we have a Panthers Place and Bobcats Blvd., too?

What happens if this individual does something embarassing (get's caught cheating at his sport, on his wife, etc.)? Will you change the name?

Really dumb idea.

kickazzz2000 said...

yee haw world class city here we come!