Monday, October 17, 2011

We're meeting with the mayor today...

Each election, the Observer's editorial board talks with candidates before making endorsements on races. This year, Mayor Anthony Foxx is up for reelection, and he's facing Charlotte businessman Scott Stone. We're meeting with Foxx this afternoon and Stone on Wednesday. We want to know: What do you think we should ask them?

We're looking for serious questions about issues facing Charlotte - questions that would help you make your decision Nov. 8. That, by the way, is the goal of the endorsements we'll make - not to instruct you how to vote, but to offer you additional perspective and information before you start pressing buttons on election day.

We'll be making our endorsements for the mayoral race, along with city council and school board races, in the next couple of weeks. We'll also be publishing short essays from school board candidates, so that you can better know them and their positions. We did the same for city council candidates last month before the primary election.

Have thoughts on what we should ask Foxx and Stone? Post a comment here or email

Peter St. Onge 


John said...

Ask Scott Stone for details on his economic development plan. He keeps saying he has a plan, but never says anything about whats in it. What would he do differently than the Mayor? How would he help create jobs?