Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama-Clinton ticket? Move over, Hillary

Earlier today, we linked to a New York Post story about Democrats contemplating a Vice-President switcheroo to boost their polls: substituting Hillary Clinton for Joe Biden. Now a couple of Politico reporters have suggested that this might actually be thinking small:

"That’s right: a Barack-Bubba ticket is the way to go. True, if elected, Bill Clinton would become our first vegetarian veep — since he’s no longer the fast-food guy. Can a real Bubba eat tofu? And yes, he would be the first former president to hold the job, too.

"We concede that the drafters of the 22nd Amendment intended to make it impossible for someone like Clinton, already twice elected, to serve again as president. But the Republicans who wanted to make sure no president served as long as Franklin D. Roosevelt made a rookie legal mistake in 1947. . . . The “twice-elected and done” maxim left a back-end loophole. The amendment clearly states that a two-term president is ineligible to be elected again. It says nothing about being elevated to the office again through succession."

Unconstitutional on its face? Too ridiculous to consider? A sign of growing desperation in the Democrat camp? Or creative speculation from a bored press corps waiting around for the primaries to begin?

-- Kevin Siers


Wiley Coyote said...

So instead of Hope and Change, the new slogan will be Hope and Depends?

Bill Clinton, been there, done that, won't do it again.

snoopy28215 said...
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snoopy28215 said...

I have high doubts Obama will go with Clinton over the current VP, Biden.

CRiS said...

Bill Clinton is constitutionally ineligible for office which means he can't serve as VP b/c of the 12th amd.

Nomorelies said...

Will the Kenyan Klown offer cattle futures for this ticket?