Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The plus-side for Cain

While most pundits have been analyzing how the recently-unearthed sexual harassment allegations might hurt Herman Cain's presidential campaign, Ed Kilgore, a columist for the New Republic, has written a piece on how the blow-up can truly transform Cain into the certified front-runner:
"The deep resentments raised by the Clarence Thomas precedent, which Cain and his defenders are already invoking, are a powerful and living memory for the conservative rank-and-file. While the impact of the current allegations against Cain will ultimately depend on whether or not they can be proven, and if so, how deeply they contradict his own account of the affair, there is a strong possibility the candidate will use his own supposed victimization to turn the saga into a plus for his campaign and a direct challenge to his rivals and intraparty detractors. And in doing so, Cain may finally roll the dice and become a deadly serious aspirant to the presidency. "
Kilgore says Cain had positioned himself long before this incident as the heir to Clarence Thomas, whose "constitutional conservatism" anticipated the ideals of the Tea Party. Thus, Cain becomes the victim of all those who would attack the Tea Party itself. His whole piece is worth a read; you can find it here.

-- posted by Kevin Siers


Notorious L.E.V. said...

Wow...you guys are really, really reaching.

Skippy said...

And in other real news, a third solar ENER1 co that received $118,500,000 in our money is about ready to go bankrupt. The incompetency of this administration is just staggering.

But we'll sit back and watch the liberals continue to make fools of themselves.  

Unknown said...

Complaints about sexual harrasment did nothing but enhance the image of Bill Clinton in the eyes of his supporters, so maybe the Observer is on to something.

Fred Flintstone said...

The author is absolutely correct. In the twisted upside-down world today's Republicans live in, where up is down, black is white, and bad is good, all they have to do is attack the credibility of the women involved - in other words, assault them again, the same way they did to Anita Hill.

Modern Republicans have shown themselves willing to believe nearly anything they're told, and something like this plays well into the victim-hood status that's such a big key to their solidarity as a voting block.

Hey, it worked for Clarence Thomas, why not Cain? The Tea Party will use his callous misogyny to elevate him to full-fledge martyr. Just watch 'em.

Jay said...

The scandal isn't going to take Herman Cain down. It's the constant revisions to his recollection of the events which led to the scandal that are going to do him in.

He would have done much better to just man up when this story first broke and admit the mistakes of his past. That at least would show that he has some integrity. The never ending revisions have shown that integrity is something that's not in his character. And that is what's going to end his candidacy.

Politicians never learn: the coverup and damage control are always MUCH worse than the crime. We never would have had a Watergate if Nixon had said early on: "I found out it was my guys and they'll be punished for their actions. I'm so sorry this happened." Monica would have been nothing more than a marital squabble if Clinton had manned up to it; instead he got an impeachment trial because he tried to cover it up. Rep. Weiner would still be a congressman if he'd have learned this lesson... well, maybe not him.