Thursday, November 17, 2011

This pizza tastes a little ... Republican?

How about a side of politics with your pizza?

Herman Cain's presidential run and sexual harassment allegations against him are affecting public perceptions of Godfather's Pizza -- even though Cain hasn't been the restaurant chain's CEO for 15 years.

A company called YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks brand perception, finds that consumers split on Godfather's quality based on political party. During Cain's campaign, Democrats' perception of the brand has dropped significantly, while Republicans' perception has gone up. Independents have stayed neutral.

Who knew that your political opinions could affect a pizza's taste?

YouGov BrandIndex's website spells out the company's methodology.

Taylor Batten


NCdirtdigger said...


Skippy said...

We the people would rather eat pizza as opposed to the "crap sandwhich" our President is dishing out while calling us struggling to survive his failed economic policies "lazy."


Lose the hat Herm. You look like a aging pimp daddy...

Anonymous said...

In other words, "Six months ago, I loved Godfather's Pizza. But now that I know that Herman Cain was the Godfather's CEO in 1995, and I think Cain is guilty of the sexual harrassment charges levied against him that supposedly occured during that time, I like it less."

This is, by far, the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

The opposite - "Now that I know Herman Cain used to be CEO of Godfather's Pizza 15 years ago, I like it better" is every bit as asinine.

This shows that the only thing Democrats and Republicans have ever been successful at is convincing the people that anything even the slightest bit associated with the other side is inherently evil.

So they both are full of jerks. Vote Libertarian.

Garth Vader said...

Avoid the Noid.

"Libya.... Obama.... Libya..." - Herman Cain's complete foreign policy speech