Thursday, February 2, 2012

Donald Trump planning a surprise this morning?

The New York Times, the Associated Press and Politico all reported last night that real estate mogul Donald Trump would endorse Newt Gingrich this morning. But they may have jumped the gun -- or perhaps The Donald had a change of heart overnight.

The Drudge Report, which has sources inside the Mitt Romney campaign, is suggesting that Trump might endorse Romney, not Gingrich, at 11:30 this morning. That would align Trump with the frontrunner, but could also undercut any third-party run of his own.

Our question: Does it matter one iota? Trump's credibility as a political force plummeted with most thinking humans during his farce of a campaign late last year. Besides, Romney is coming off a 14-point win over Gingrich in Florida, and a new poll shows him leading Saturday's Nevada caucus by 2o points. Gingrich's last chance comes a month from now when 10 states, including many in the South, vote. By then, Trump's news either way will be long forgotten.

-- Taylor Batten


Agave said...

remind me why I should care what The Donald thinks?

Unknown said...

Hurry up Trump and endorse one of them, so I know which not to vote for. You have to do this before May, when my primary is, I don't know who to vote for right now, I need your idiotic endorsement to make a logical informed decision on who I'm not voting for. So hurry up.

Archiguy said...

Sure Trump's a blowhard and an idiot. But that's never stopped Republican voters before. Intelligence has never been a key metric for popular GOP support. Remember, they gave Dubya 2 terms, and want to limit Obama - an absolute genius in comparison - to one.

Garth Vader said...

It's understandable how Trump would be torn between a fat, loud, corrupt serial philanderer and a corporate raider with mutant hair who only says things for ratings. Each has so many traits with which Donald can identify.

Now if the Observer only gave similar coverage to the endorsements of Vince Vaughan, Kelly Clarkson, Juliette Lewis, Penn Gillette, commodities guru Jim Rogers, financial wiz Peter Schiff, and South Carolina's Tea Party Senator Tom Davis for RON PAUL.