Friday, August 29, 2008

David's last day in Denver with Democrats

David McKee, 15, of Waxhaw, has been giving us his impressions of the Democratic Convention in Denver all week. He is part of the Junior Statesmen of America group. This is his final dispatch from Denver. He'll be at the GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minn., next week:

"What an amazing day (Thursday)! We got up at 7 a.m. and went to downtown Denver where I finally got to go back to a great breakfast restaurant called the Delectable Egg. It was great. The French toast was divine. I am a big breakfast guy, and I loved this place! I have made a lot of friends with other students on this trip with Junior state while here, and it was fun to just go and hang out.
We walked over to Invesco field from downtown Denver. It was a very long walk, and we had to go along highways with no sidewalks. We stood in line for security for a long time, and I ended up getting searched, because I didn't take every thing out of my pockets when I went through the metal detectors.

We ended up at the stadium for about 9 hours. There were a lot of speakers and music too. We were in the back corner of the stadium, on the North West corner, with the stage facing South. So we were basically behind the stage. But it didn't matter. We were there for the making of history.

For me personally, Al Gore's being there and speaking was just amazing beyond belief. My most important issue is to reverse Global Warming and create new clean energy sources so that we are free of oil. Al Gore is my inspiring role model now, and in my future political life. His endorsement was for me the most important endorsement of this election.

Obama's speech at Invesco Field last night was remarkable. It was a thing to see him in person. He is down to earth, and just a regular Joe like you and me. He is just an amazing speaker, with a great voice. He stated what he is going do when he gets into office and that was great. I especially liked the idea of being free of foreign oil in 10 years. I really trust Obama. In fact I would trust him with my life if I knew him as friend.
Thursday's events at the convention: I thought it was very gracious of Hillary to skip the roll call and just let Obama be declared the nominee. Bill Clinton gave a good speech as well, but I think he talked too much about Hillary. I wish he had said more about Obama, but he did really energize the crowd.
The speech by Joe Biden was very good. I think that Biden has strengthened the ticket and increased the odds of the Democrats' winning. I loved the unannounced appearance of Obama. It was fun.
After we left our evening of watching the convention, we started back to our bus but the street we had to walk down was blocked. We saw the bomb squad was there, and they were shouting "Get back, get back!" and we had to leave. They exploded something that was a suspicious package of some kind I think. I don't know what it was, but when they set it off there was a really loud BOOM that rang in your ears. The blast got our adrenaline flowing.

I am flying home today. I was worried that I had missed my flight this morning, but relieved to find that I had just looked at the time wrong. I have had a great time here, the time of my life. I am looking forward to going next week to St. Paul for the Republican convention. It will be interesting to compare the two conventions after it's all over. I leave for that one early on Sunday morning, and my friend and fellow Charlotte Teen Voices Junior Statesmen Chapter officer, Catherine Michniak, is coming too. We are both excited!