Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Football at UNCC!

Now that we have your attention ...

UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phil Dubois remained coy about football at the faculty convocation Wednesday. Here's a link to his complete remarks covering what he sees coming in the new academic year. (Also see video posted here.)
He covered equity issues with UNC system funding, long-term staff and faculty needs and campus security, among other things.
Here's what he said about football:
"Seriously, I have nothing more to say about football this morning other than
that I still hope to deliver a recommendation to the Trustees in September,
but it is impossible to know whether they will act on that recommendation at
that time or take it under advisement for decision later in the fall or thereafter. I am continuing my process of due diligence and do plan to share a good bit of my
research with the Faculty Council early in the fall."
More mystery, more intrigue. More waiting to see if pursuit of athletic prowess or academic muscle will steer the university to its identity. - Posted by Mary Schulken