Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What it's like at the Democrats' convention

David McKee is our teen correspondent at the Democratic Convention in Denver. Here's his dispatch on how things are going. He had computer trouble so his mom Carol sent this to us late Monday night:

"David arrived in Denver Sunday afternoon on a smooth direct flight from Charlotte. He was met at the airport by the folks at Junior Statesmen of America. Teens from all over the country have come to Denver for the convention. In fact, while hundreds of teens applied, only 250 nationally were chosen to attend. David is one of only six teens from the State of North Carolina to be chosen. They got up very early this morning (5 AM) in order to attend the North Carolina delegates breakfast at the convention center. Just the teens from our state were present at this breakfast, where they were able to sit and talk to the delegates, and listen to State Party leaders address the group.
"In the afternoon, they were whisked off to the Cable center at University of Denver for a Meet the Delegates speakers program. David was most impressed hearing from the youngest super delegate at the convention, Stephen Rae who is just 18 years old. For David, who is very passionate about politics, it was encouraging to see that you don't need to middle aged in order to be active in your party. David aspires to be a Senator, and is also very encouraged to hear that the Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden began his Senate career at the age of 29. Maybe he wont need to wait 30 years to get involved!

"After a quick dinner, it's off to the Denver Convention center for a watch party for this evenings convention activities. He is looking forward to hearing Michelle Obama speaking, and is hoping that the rumor about Ted Kennedy's appearance tonight turns out to be true.
Security is very, very tight here. It is hard to even get near to the Pepsi Center. There are lots of protesters out on the streets.
"Tomorrow the Junior Statesmen teens will hear from Former FL. Gov. Bob Graham and 1972 George McGovern. In the afternoon, they will attend Democratic youth Council at the convention center. "