Friday, January 2, 2009

Glee before gloom in 2009

The year is here. You know, THE year. The NEW year. 2009. The year every expert in 2008 talked about in hushed, solemn tones, predicting gloom.
The economy won't rebound, but perhaps grow worse.
A new, untested president will face a fiscal crisis and a globe churning with violence.
Let's give the gloom a rest at last until the kids go back to school.
Until then, here's some less-then-serious reading about the year that's past:
Huffington Post's 10 worst media moments. (Hint: ABC's coverage of presidential debate is high on the list)

Plus some resolutions for Republicans, good GOP wishes for the year ahead …
And, you've read, we hope, the Observer editorial board's agenda for 2009.
For good measure, here's what pundits down the road in Greensboro wished for.
Happy reading. And remember, let's put off that gloom as long as we can.
-Posted by Mary Schulken